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Whether it's creating articles about TOWeb for your magazine, blog, website, or promoting it via our TOWeb affiliate program or simply discovering the main advantages of TOWeb to compare it with competitors, you will find all this as well as images, logos and iconss to download on our TOWeb key points' page.

 Version 8.08 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update brings some fixes but mainly improvements on styles with new effects applicable to elements of your web pages and optimizations reducing the size of CSS files by up to 45% on your sites.

More about TOWeb 8.08 update

 Make money promoting TOWeb

Affiliate logo
We are happy to announce the launch of our affiliate program which will allow you to receive a 30% commission rate on each sale of any new TOWeb license purchased thanks to you. Our affiliate program is open to everyone and completely free, so we invit you to promote TOWeb to your contacts now by using your own affiliate links and receive commissions on all sales made through you !

 A Falling Hearths effect for Valentine's Day

Hearts for valentine's day

Valentine's Day (Febrary 14th) is approaching and you want to beautify your website for that event? Well, if you previously used and appreciated the snow effect introduced by TOWeb version 8.06 then you will probably want to give a try to the new falling hearth animation over the content of your pages ! 

Add a falling hearts effect to your web pages

 Which PHP version to choose for your site


Version 5 of PHP is no longer maintained since January 1, 2019 which means it has not been updated for more than a year now. Knowing that security flaws are regularly discovered in old versions of PHP, for more security, durability and not leaving your site obsolete or vulnerable, we recommend to use a recent version of PHP (7.2 or 7.3). Regarding the i-services scripts integrated in TOWeb, we also recommend PHP 7 but only with TOWeb V8. If you use an old version of TOWeb, then you will have to keep and stay with your current version of PHP in order for your website to continue working properly.

How to know the PHP version used by your site

 Version 8.07 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update brings improvements to the CSS editor for multilingual websites as well as several fixes in particular regarding the social buttons, the display of the cookie consent banner and the management of the <head> section of the catalogue products.

More about TOWeb 8.07 update

 Best wishes for 2020

Year 2020

We hope you discovered and enjoyed all the new features of TOWeb V8 coming with more possibilities for your websites still remaining perfectly viewable by all your visitors, whether they use smartphones, tablets or computers.
Whatever the version of TOWeb you use, the one of yesterday, today or tomorrow, we hope that our software will continue to bring you full satisfaction for all your 2020 web projects.

 Offer TOWeb for Christmas and the end of year celebrations

TOWeb voucher gift

An original gift idea, instantly delivered to you ! Offer TOWeb by simply clicking on the gift option in the order form of our website. You will not receive the license key but only an invoice at your name with a gift voucher to print and deliver. The beneficiary will just have to follow the instructions on the coupon to receive its TOWeb license key to its own name.

How to offer TOWeb

 Analytics tools for your site

Analytics logo
An web analytic tool allows you to analyze visitors activity on your site and keep track of that over time based on changes you make to improve your site or sales. It is therefore strongly recommended to install an Analytics tool but it is often even useful to add a second one to confirm the results of the first one or to have additional results.

Add several analytics tools on your site

 Exceptional discounts from Black Friday to Cyber Monday


Starting from this Black Friday (November 29) until Cyber Monday (December 2, midnight GMT+1 time), you can benefit from exceptional discounts for any new purchase of a TOWeb V8 license.

And if you want to take this opportunity to offer TOWeb to one of your loved ones, check the option "Yes, I want to offer this license to a third party" when ordering.

-20€ off on TOWeb PREMIUM -40€ off on TOWeb E-COMMERCE -60€ off on TOWeb STUDIO 

 Falling Snowflakes on your website

Snow flakes

By using the lastest update of TOWeb V8 you will be able to add a falling snow effect to your web pages. As winter and end of year celebrations are approaching, this discreet and customizable animation will probably seduce all your visitors and may make them want to stay longer on your site too... so try it now ! 

Add a falling snow effect to your web pages

 Version 8.06 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update improves the links of your site, optimizes the CSS and HTML code of generated pages, and also provides support for the new Falling Snowflake Effect script.

More about TOWeb 8.06 update

 Beautify your Screenshots with Screenzy


TOWeb offers features to highlight photos but before to add some them to your website, you may also want to try Screenzy, a simple and free online tool to beautify your screenshots.


 Version 8.05 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update improves the management of Open Graph metadata, enhances the security of some third-party scripts, and fixes issues that may occur with the local search engine and sitemap file of images.

More about TOWeb 8.05 update

 Favicons now used by Google

Favicon in Google SERPs

For a few weeks now, Google has begun to display the favicons of websites in the mobile version of its search engine result pages (SERPs) and is also deploying a new organization of SERPs leaving appear favicons on its desktop version. Your favicon is the symbol of your site (and/or brand). So take the time to have the best possible version of your logo on your site to help users better locate you.

Add favicons to your site

 Version 8.04 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update provides CSS optimizations as well as multiple fixes for OpenGraph images of catalogs and albums, the calculation of VAT on delivery modes, multilingual sites, the display of the e-commerce backoffice and in the TOWeb user interface.

More about TOWeb 8.04 update

 TOWeb not compatible with Mac OSX Catalina

Apple logo

TOWeb 5, 6, 7 and 8 do not work with Catalina because this latest version 10.15 of the Apple operating system no longer supports 32bits but only 64bits applications. Therefore, if you want to continue using TOWeb and all the other 32bits software installed on your computer, we do not recommend installing Catalina but rescheduling at a later date.

 Suspension of Klik&Pay

Suspension of KlikAndPay

On July 25, 2019, the Luxembourg-based Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (C.S.S.F.) announced by press release that it has temporarily suspended the Klik&Pay service. The reason for this suspension, still in effect in the last press release of September 17, 2019, is a non-compliance with certain points of the European law on payment services.
Klik & Pay is still supported by TOWeb but as several of our customers have reported payment problems with this provider, we pass on information and invit you to follow the evolution of the situation directly from the site of the C.S.S.F.

Site of the CSSF  Latest press release of the CSSF (PDF file)

 Version 8.03 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update brings several fixes related to online help access, web host configuration wizard, Open Graph images and a possible crash of the Free edition.

More about TOWeb 8.03 update

 Local and custom fonts on your websites

Custom font logo

Since version 8, it now becomes possible to use any personal fonts in your website but also to upload and use web fonts (like those of Google) locally on your site/server.

Advantages of local fonts and how to add them to your site

 Version 8.02 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update provides fixes on some albums displaying wrong size of pictures, on ReCaptcha,  as well as a quantity limit issue when ordering from an e-commerce site using the real-time stock.

More about TOWeb 8.02 update

 Version 8.01 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update improves the slider of a multi-image object and fixes some malfunctions in the local search engine, stock display and Facebook buttons.

More about TOWeb 8.01 update

 Version 7.24 is released

TOWeb V7 Logo

This update provides fixes regarding file downloads from links, site optimizer and TOWeb user interface issues.

More about TOWeb 7.24 update

 16 new themes for your sites

New responsive web templates

16 new responsive site templates are now available and can be used directly from TOWeb V8. These examples can serve as a starting point for the construction of your sites and/or to study them in order to customize them to your taste and create your own themes.

New templates of TOWeb V8

 New version 8 of TOWeb

TOWeb V8 Logo

This new major version 8 of TOWeb brings many new features that will allow you to modernize your website and improve online sales of your e-Commerce store.

What's new in TOWeb V8

 Watch out for scripts added to your site

Logo scripts web

During the construction of your site, you may need to use scripts from some third-party services other than i-services offered by TOWeb. But the integration of some online services (especially when free) are not necessarily as innocuous as they seem for your site. So do not take any risk for both your site and your visitors by following all our advice.

Danger and advice when integrating scripts to your site

 Version 7.23 is released

TOWeb V7 Logo

This update provides fixes for social buttons and allows you to delete warning messages in TOWeb when using certain scripts in the <head> section of all pages of a site.

More about TOWeb 7.23 update

 Version 7.22 is released

TOWeb V7 Logo

This update provides the support of secured predefined hostings, the ability to remove links/buttons inside a Plan & Price object, the use of Leaflet maps by default  as well as UI bug fixes in albums and catalogs.

More about TOWeb 7.22 update

 Version 7.21 is released

TOWeb V7 Logo

This update provides several fixes regarding the Theme slider changes of the previous version 7.20.

More about TOWeb 7.21 update

 Version 7.20 is released

TOWeb V7 Logo

This update provides several fixes and improvements particularly regarding the folding of the paragraphs in a web page, the Twitter object, the Theme slider and the i-services.

More about TOWeb 7.20 update

 Shutting down of Google+

End of Google Plus

As announced by Google few months ago, Google+ for customers has been progressively ending since early April. If you still have this social network on your pages, we advise you not to use it anymore and publish your site with this change in order to avoid HTTP 404 errors as well as possible content display problems.

More about the shutting down of Google+

 New themes

Nouveaux modèles de sites responsive

2 new examples of responsive websites AppPro & NewsMag are available and can be used directly from TOWeb. A version 7.19 is required to use these templates and the new possibility they contained introduced in this lastest update.

App  Pro  NewsMag

 Version 7.19 is released

TOWeb V7 Logo

This update provides the ability to add a button to your site's search box, to open external links of your menu in the same browser tab, to improve your related products and also brings several fixes.

More about TOWeb 7.19 update

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