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This blog, which was a multi-page article not suitable for sharing and referencing, is now closed and can be consulted as an archive. It gives way to a real, more user-friendly blog created with version 11 of TOWeb which you can access by clicking the button below.

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 How to deactivate or delete your website?

out of service message
During its life, your website will probably need to be temporarily deactivate or even permanently deleted. How to do that correctly depending on the situations and your needs? This is what we invite you to discover in our advice.

How to deactivate or delete your website

 Version 10.10 is released

TOWeb V10 Logo
This update brings an update for the PayBox payment system as well as CSS optimizations and minor fixes in the user interface.

More about TOWeb 10.10 update

 Stripe Update

stripe payment

Since August 1, 2022 Stripe has introduced changes impacting their payments. If your Stripe account was created before this date then no update is required as payments will continue to work on your site. On the other hand, if you use a Stripe account created after this date, you will need to delete your existing Stripe payment and add it again using the latest update of TOWeb.

Download TOWeb latest version 

 Version 10.09 is released

TOWeb V10 Logo
This update brings minor fixes to the TOWeb user interface as well as updates for both the PayBox and Stripe payment systems.

More about TOWeb 10.09 update

 User Manual of TOWeb

TOWeb documentation logo

The TOWeb documentation available online on our site also becomes available as a downloadable PDF file so that you can easily print it and consult it offline, or refer to it at any time.

Download the TOWeb documentation file

 Version 10.08 is released

TOWeb V10 Logo
This update now accepts Bancontact payments via Stripe and brings theme improvements in particular to the active buttons of your website menu and the font customization of your slogan.

More about TOWeb 10.08 update

 An «HTML» Sitemap in addition to the «XML» one

website sitemap logo

The «XML» sitemap files automatically generated by TOWeb help search engine robots to discover the pages and changes of your website. But adding an additional «HTML» sitemap inside a page of your site can also be very useful, especially for your visitors. Find out how to add an «HTML» sitemap to your site with TOWeb as well as the additional or complementary advantages it brings.

Add an HTML sitemap with TOWeb

 Version 10.07 is released

TOWeb V10 Logo
This update brings improvements to the sharing buttons for social networks, the customer accounts on e-commerce sites as well as some minor fixes in the TOWeb user interface.

More about TOWeb 10.07 update

Web programming with TOWeb 

web programming

It is not necessary to have knowledge of web programming to create your site with TOWeb but if you have some or if you want to use HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/PHP code found on the internet or if you simply plan to acquire soon programming skills then TOWeb allows you because it is not limited to its simplified editor.
So if you want to add features not offered by TOWeb or change the behavior of your site but you don't know where to start, we invite you to follow our web programming advice to endlessly enrich your website with new features.

Programming in HTML/CSS/JS with TOWeb

 New template

Template web de Curriculum Vitae

The ClaudiaMinton responsive theme is an example of a new template with a home page CV/Resume that can be used to start a website in TOWeb (version 10.06 or higher required). This template uses some new features such as a JavaScript print button and additional CSS3 code to illustrate how, with knowledge of web programming, you can customize your pages exactly as you wish.

ClaudiaMinton CV template

 Version 10.06 is released

TOWeb V10 Logo

This update improves the caption presentation of photo album displayed in full screen, adds an automatic certificate update mechanism for Stripe, improves and corrects polls as well as certain user interface issues.

More about TOWeb 10.06 update

 Common i-service issues and solutions

web service errors

Have you notice malfunctions in certain i-services on your site, such as errors displayed on your pages when creating customer accounts or when placing orders from your e-commerce site? Or even regarding your user comments or your polls which do not work? All this may simply be due to a problem of insufficient authorizations on your web space. Check all this by following our advice.

Advice and solutions to i-services problems

 What is PHP and which version to use ?

PHP version

Your website uses and requires PHP to fully function but maybe you didn't even know it? What is PHP and why do you need it? How and when is it used? How to know the PHP version of your web server? And which PHP version should you use with your TOWeb version? Everything you need to know to understand and allow the proper functioning of your website is explained to you in our online help.

Everything you need to know about PHP

 Version 10.05 is released

TOWeb V10 Logo

This update fixes several back-office issues with e-Commerce sites as well as a possible blank page issue after a successful Stripe payment and incorrect values in certain custom fields of a purchase order, but also provides optimizations in the generation of HTML pages at the level of certain tags.

More about TOWeb 10.05 update

 Best wishes for 2022

Year 2022

We hope you discovered and enjoyed all the new features of TOWeb V10 coming with more possibilities for your websites still remaining perfectly viewable by all your visitors, whether they use smartphones, tablets or computers.
Whatever the version of TOWeb you use, the one of yesterday, today or tomorrow, we hope that our software will continue to bring you full satisfaction for all your 2022 web projects.

 Version 10.04 is released

TOWeb V10 Logo

This update fixes issues on some e-Commerce sites such as orders received that may be incomplete, customer account issues and a blank page after a successful Stripe payment.

More about TOWeb 10.04 update

 Running out of gift ideas? Offer TOWeb!

TOWeb as a gift

Do you know someone who has always wanted to build his website but doesn't know where to start? Give him TOWeb for the holiday season! Just check the option Yes, I want to offer this license to a third party in our order form and you'll receive a gift voucher to print and offer!

How to offer TOWeb

 Version 10.03 is released

TOWeb V10 Logo

This update corrects display problems of images that may be blurry or incorrect as well as certain malfunctions on e-commerce sites and also brings a new adjustment of the width of images in the product pages of catalogs.

More about TOWeb 10.03 update

 New forum

Lauyan software forum

We are launching today a new forum dedicated to the Lauyan Software community!
It is a shared forum for french and english speakers, a place where you can now interact with other TOWeb, PageXL or Screenzy users, ask your questions, or share your tips and best practices.

New forum

 Version 10.02 is released

TOWeb V10 Logo

This update allows the customization of missing predefined texts, corrects display problems of catalog products as well as malfunctions in the purchasing process of certain e-commerce sites.

More about TOWeb 10.02 update

 New templates

Nouveaux modèles de sites responsive TOWeb 10

3 new examples of responsive sites, BestSellers, VillaBella and HomeCare, are available and can be directly used from TOWeb for testing purposes or to start a new site. A version 10 is required to use these templates and their content.

BestSellers  VillaBella  HomeCare

 Version 10.01 is released

TOWeb V10 Logo

This update of TOWeb 10 corrects problems with the display of theme slider, the payment buttons of e-Commerce sites as well as in the Back-Office page related to real-time stock.

More about TOWeb 10.01 update

 New online store templates

New eshop templates created with TOWeb

2 new examples of responsive stores are available and can be used directly from TOWeb 10 to test them or start your new site.
BikeProd being an example of a single-product store and Wand an example of a multi-product store using many new features.

Wand  BikeProd

 New version 10 of TOWeb

TOWeb V10 Logo

This new version 10 is a major version including many new features that will allow you to modernize your site, improve its performance and its SEO, but also the online sales of your e-shop with the support of Stripe, Customer Accounts, new design improvements and navigation for your website and much more.

What's new in TOWeb 10

 Make money promoting TOWeb

Affiliate logo
We are happy to announce the launch of our affiliate program which will allow you to receive a 30% commission rate on each sale of any new TOWeb license purchased thanks to you. Our affiliate program is open to everyone and completely free, so we invite you to promote TOWeb to your contacts now by using your own affiliate links and receive commissions on all sales made through you !

Custom ordered list

Customized ordered list

This online tool allows you to generate designed ordered lists using different styles (shapes, colors, ...) to highlight your procedures or the main key points of your texts, like for instance what we did on our website for the TOWeb's 10 key points
Easily integrable in TOWeb 12 but also in PageXL!

Generate and use your custom ordered list 

 Version 9.09 is released

TOWeb Logo

This update brings a better support and display of Leaflet maps, as well as a new option for online stock management and several fixes especially for e-commerce sites.

More about TOWeb 9.09 update

 New VAT e-Commerce rules in Europe

Europen Union VAT

Since July 1, 2021, the European Union (EU) has made significant changes to its value added tax (VAT) rules that impact companies selling services or goods from one country to another inside the EU. If you have an e-Commerce site, reside in an EU country and sell in one or several other EU countries then you will need to complete your VAT returns by country and apply some changes to your e-Commerce site in TOWeb.

Changes of the VAT rules in the EU

 Version 9.08 is released

TOWeb Logo

This update adds improvements such as the possibility to make a mono page site only using a photo album, use a new predefined field for multilingual sites, customize new elements of your theme but also brings some fixes especially for the BackOffice of e-Commerce sites.

More about TOWeb 9.08 update

 Free web tools from LAUYAN

Lauyan Free online tools

Discover the new section of our web tools in which we offer small free online services that are reusable and useful for your websites, your internet communications on social networks or for your marketing. In addition to Screenzy and PageXL, you will now find CropImage to crop your photos as well as an ordered list generator with custom styles to use on your websites.

New Free online tools for your site

 Version 9.07 is released

TOWeb Logo

This update makes unlimited the number of images that can be used inside the slider of your theme but also makes corrections to your site's cookie consent, to the order status of certain online payments, as well as password encoding when publishing your website.

More about TOWeb 9.07 update

Custom cookie consent

GDPR cookie consent example

TOWeb version 9 allows you to add personalized cookie consent so that your visitors can see which cookies are being used on your site and decide which ones they want to accept or decline. In order to preserve the privacy of your visitors, TOWeb makes this possible for you in a very simple and assisted way in just a few clicks with predefined and customizable texts directly available in more than ten languages..  

Add personalized cookie consent to your site  

Paragraphs aside background images

Exemple de page web TOWeb avec images de fond

With TOWeb V9 each paragraph can now be positioned to the left or right of its background image with customizable margins, width, opacity and background color to keep your texts legible. Find out how to use this new feature and thus embellish the pages of your site.

How to set paragraphs aside background images  

 Display a popup message on your site

TOWeb popup script
During major changes in your activity or your website (and especially this current period of COVID-19 crisis) it is important to immediately inform your visitors about your situation as soon as they return to your web pages. Displaying your information in a popup window over your page, either automatically or via a button, can be the ideal solution for your visitors but also for you and even more if you do not want your notification message to affect the SEO of your site.

 TOWeb press kit

TOWeb iPad logo
Whether it's creating articles about TOWeb for your magazine, blog, website, or promoting it via our TOWeb affiliate program or simply discovering the main advantages of TOWeb to compare it with competitors, you will find all this as well as images, logos and icons to download on our TOWeb key points' page.

 Version 9.06 is released

TOWeb Logo

This update brings fixes to the display of Leaflet maps, background images and theme slider, as well as to the functioning of polls and the Backoffice of websites.

More about TOWeb 9.06 update

 Make your website "click & collect" in just a few clicks

Click and Collect

Do you have a local business, do you sell by delivery but still do not have a "Click and Collect" option? With TOWeb 9 it has never been so easy and quick to create your own e-Commerce site with "Click and Collect" and thus allow your customers to order online and pick up their order in your store . This web-to-store approach, free and practical, appeals to consumers. So do not wait any longer!

Add click & collect to your site

 Beware of scraper websites

Copyright logo
Copying & pasting texts found on the internet to add them to your site is not only prohibited without the consent of their authors but is also very strongly penalized by Google and other web search engines.
In the opposite situation as well, certain pages of your site may have already ended up on some scraper sites without your knowledge.
So how and what to do to avoid all this?

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