Boost your store's sales with PayPal Checkout V2

February 12, 2024
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The new PayPal Checkout V2 version supported by TOWeb V12 allows you to offer payments in 4X without fees (neither for you nor for your customers) and not only will your customers be able to benefit from this "free credit" but your business will also be able to benefit from this as it will :

  • Boost your sales : more than half of customers would pay for some of their purchases in several installments if the option was offered to them.
  • Increase average shopping cart value : the average shopping basket is 3.5 times higher using a fee-free payment in 4 installments compared to a single payment.
  • Attract “new generation” buyers : a third of customers who purchase with Pay in 4 installments are new generation buyers.

In addition to these advantages, the new PayPal interface now directly offers 2 buttons to pay either directly by credit card or via a PayPal account, a much clearer and simpler choice than before which facilitates payments according to individual preferences.

Finally, if you currently only use one payment method on your site (such as the one of your bank or another system like Stripe), offering another choice such as PayPal will allow you to satisfy a wider customer base and increase your sales too, as you will be able to:

  • Reduce cart abandonment: offering different payments reduces the likelihood of customers abandoning their cart during the checkout process, thereby leading to increased sales.
  • Increase your customer loyalty: offering a variety of payment methods helps improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by adapting to individual preferences.
  • Maximize your conversion rates: offering multiple payment options helps improve the overall conversion rates of your e-Commerce site, by meeting the choices of your customers who will feel reassured.
  • Attract a wider demographic: multiple payment methods appeal to a diverse audience and make sales of your products more accessible to various segments of your customer base.
For more information on the conditions of use depending on your activity and your country, visit website and in particular the page related to PayPal service Pay in 4.

PayPal rather than Stripe?

If you have the choice, we actually advise you to offer both PayPal and Stripe on your site, at least for a few months, in order not only to determine if a preference towards one or the other emerges very clearly among your customers but also to be able to compare the costs of the 2 solutions regarding your activity. You will thus determine which one is best suited to your needs, whether it is preferable to keep both systems to satisfy your customers and in what order you should then display them on your site.
The main advantage of PayPal is that it is accepted in many more countries and that buyers can pay with their bank card but also using their PayPal account (if they have one and prefer to use it). Other than that, the 2 systems are very similar because 
  • on both platforms payments can be accepted in several installments without fees,
  • transaction fees are quite similar too between PayPal and Stripe with a small advantage for Stripe but there may be more or less important nuances depending on your country and/or the countries of your buyers, depending on micro payments and other criteria,
  • on both platform there is no monthly subscription but only commissions on sales, this without any installation or inactivation fees and without any contract required
With TOWeb 12 you only need 2 clicks to change this at any time if you want use PayPal Checkout V2 rather than Stripe or vice versa or use both payments on your e-Commerce site.

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