TOWeb V7 changes

08/08/2018 - TOWeb version 7.11

  • The option to indicate that your site uses an SSL certificate is now also available from the "Options > Security & HTML" screen where it is also possible to specify the expiry date of your certificate (detected by TOWeb). If you have already enabled the SSL option on your site, you will need to perform an SSL test and/or manually enter the expiration date of your SSL certificate.
  • Increased security by SRI of the resources used by a site. SRI is a recommended W3C specification to ensure that third-party resources have not been tampered with and prevent an attacker to include malicious content
  • The “noopener” attribute is now automatically added to all links that are opened in a tab or new browser window (target=“_blank”) to correct a possible security vulnerability
  • In the “Publish” step, a new option is now available to prevent the publication of a website when too many optimizations have been detected
  • In the “Publish > Site Optimizer” screen, a new option has been added in order not to count advice displayed in orange as issues or optimizations of great importance
  • Support for strengthening the security of certain payments by the possibility of using the SHA-256 algorithm for signatures from the "Mode" tab of the TOWeb payment window. This concerns the following online payments: PayZen, SystemPay and Sogecommerce. If you already use one of these payments on your site with a previous version of TOWeb then please see how to update your payment
  • Site Optimizer now displays site security advice (SSL/HTTPS) and allows you to set a reminder before the expiration date of your SSL certificate
  • In the Site Optimizer, links to download files could have been reported as dead links if files were large
  • Site Optimizer was not always detecting the absence of some ALT text on the images of a multilingual site
  • Topic filtering options of the site optimizer might not work for some optimizations
  • The presence of the sitemap.xml was unnecessarily indicated in the robots.txt file when the option “Disable SEO of this website” was activated in the "Options > Sécurity & HTML" screen
  • When creating certain links (especially on the paragraph image or links inside the Card object) the list of bookmarks could appear as initially empty

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version 7.11 for Windows

06/19/2018 - TOWeb version 7.10

  • Improvement of the TOWeb user interface in the "Topics" step where it is now possible to easily fold and unfold the different sections containing the options of a paragraph or a section
  • Site Optimizer now has a new “Users personal data consent” section to notify you of any forms on your site that are found not to be GDPR compliant
  • In the order form of an e-Commerce site, the terms of sale acceptance text can now use the new %TW-PRIVACY% pre-defined field to invite your customers to view and accept your privacy policy too and comply with the GDPR
  • Optimized and minified JavaScript source code when used for the forms
  • In the Theme step, when the smartphone font size is deleted (i.e. its content becomes empty) the field now disappears automatically to make room for the smartphone button to reactivate it and display its advice
  • The window for editing a table might not display all rows and columns of the table
  • The use of certain characters might be problematic when typed inside a text abbreviation
  • The PHP support test could fail when one or more “unwanted” space characters were entered or forgotten by copy/paste inside the FTP identifier of the host configuration wizard
  • SMS type links could display “+” characters instead of spaces on the iPhone/iPad when an optional message containing spaces was entered. Warning: if you have SMS links for which this problem exists you will need to edit them again and click OK to save them with the new format
  • Forms using a field of type "confirmation" with its "Required field" option activated could be sent without the confirmation box being checked
  • In the "File > Open" screen, the last published date of the selected site was incorrect and showed the last backup date instead

05/25/2018 - TOWeb version 7.09

  • Addition of new functions facilitating the compliance of a site with the General Regulation on Data Protection (RGPD) including an update of the TOWeb wizards and automations when creating or modifying forms, a new form field of type "confirmation", the possibility to add a consent when subscribing to the mailing list, the possibility of adding a new predefined field pointing to your privacy policy
  • The PHP support test of TOWeb may fail on some web site secured by HTTPS
  • Choice lists of a form may not work or contain unexpected characters when displayed on 4 columns
  • Fix for the names of the color and interval type field used in web forms
  • Adding a custom icon inside a link or text description of a calendar topic could cause thereafter the impossibility to edit this topic once saved
  • To better assist you on SEO aspects, a link placed on a topic now always includes the property rel=“nofollow” if this target topic is indicated as not being referenced by search engines or when it is the policy privacy page

03/29/2018 - TOWeb version 7.08

  • New Timeline object for displaying events linearly and chronologically in a chart
  • Detection has been added to make the transfer of customer information to PayPal not operational when PayPal required fields are not both indicated as “Used” and “Mandatory” in the Order form of an e-Commerce site
  • Automatic optimization and removal of ToS page from the sitemap.xml so that Google no longer signals a warning on the terms and conditions page of your site
  • Depending on the type of theme used by a site, the “no margin” option was not always working with paragraphs aligned on the same row
  • Saving poll data could be incomplete and causing online malfunction
  • As the size of meta descriptions accepted by Google has increased, a warning is now reported by TOWeb for description length superior or equal to 268 characters (instead of 156 before)
  • Detecting and removing any unwanted HTML code placed into Google Maps markers that can cause errors and make it impossible thereafter to edit the topic in TOWeb
  • A security enhancement introduced in version 7.06 could cause the display of empty content in the unsubscribe page to the mailing list
  • The labels' customization of a percentage object was not taking into account the language used in a multilingual site
  • The text of a link placed in the button of a “Plan & Price” object could reappear with incorrect information when edited by TOWeb if this button was containing an icon
  • A help button has been added to the editing window of a “Plan & Price” object

03/05/2018 - TOWeb version 7.07

  • Opening a link in another tab of a web browser could disregard its specified relationship. Note: opening a link in another tab of a browser is not advisable and therefore to avoid as much as possible on your site but if you must use it then for security reasons prefer it is advisable to use the relationship “noreferrer ”
  • For the objects “Plan & price” and “Sheet”, the opening of their links were systematically put in automatic mode
  • Support of the Mercanet online payment system used by the French BNP bank
  • IPN scripting is now possible for PayZen, Sogecommerce and SystemPay online payments (using an IPN script on your site is only necessary if you are selling digital products). If you were already using one of these payment methods, please see how to update your payments
  • An incorrect character “/” was added as parameter in URLs when returning from the payment system Klik & Pay. If you were previously using Klik&Pay on your site then please see how to update your payment
  • Bugfix when starting TOWeb Portable for Windows
  • The label and default value of a customizable field set for a product could disregard the language in a multilingual site
  • A detection of the orders' subdirectory on the web space has been added to the script in charge sending the orders of an e-Commerce site in order to dynamically recreate it if it was not originally created and/or was deleted

01/30/2018 - TOWeb version 7.06

  • A new "no margin" option in the "paragraph layout" allows you to remove the spacing between paragraphs when they are aligned next to each others
  • When using a background image to a paragraph, a new "position" button now allows the change of the image alignment+repeat+size options
  • The datepicker used in web forms now allows by default the selection of 100 years back to make it easier to enter a date of birth
  • Fix of a security vulnerability allowing an attacker to post a text message in a page of your site
  • In the “Topics” step, when editing a product page of a catalog, 2 buttons have been put back in the TOWeb toolbar allowing direct access to both the catalog and e-Commerce functions
  • When at least one side panel was defined in a catalog product page, related products could have been displayed in the sidebar and no longer to the end of the page
  • Using the "Delete all languages except.." function located in “Options > Languages” was not always keeping all the texts in the correct language when related to the new TOWeb V7 objects, such as Plan & Price for instance
  • After making some changes to the background properties of a paragraph, the width of this paragraph could be displayed incorrectly, requiring a refresh of the page
  • Some TOWeb dialogs had their “Cancel” button displayed in French when using the user interface in English, Italian, German, Spanish or Portuguese
  • Changes of the default options when creating a site introduction page
  • Fix of a label wrongly displayed in the window to duplicate a paragraph
  • Support of Sogecommerce, the secured online payment of the French bank Société Générale®

01/10/2018 - TOWeb version 7.05

  • Publishing could fail to hosts who put FTP clients in a directory other than root when connecting
  • Some background color gradients might have lost their transparency when modified from the CSS editor
  • The notification window when adding a product in the shopping cart could have displayed non-readable texts due to the presence of a transparency instead of its background color
  • Opening a link in a new page (or another tab) of the web browser is now possible for topics of your site.
    WARNING: except in special cases, it is strongly recommended not to open pages of your site in different tabs but on the contrary to always leave your visitors in the same page because it hinders the navigation and can also penalize the SEO of your site (the practice of opening different web browser tabs is often associated to unwanted practices such as advertising, spaming, hacking, …)
  • The “edit selected topic” in the TOWeb site optimizer was not always editing the right topic

12/19/2017 - TOWeb version 7.04

  • Site publishing was not working on some FTP servers by returning a "No mapping for unicode" error message
  • The recovery of the i-service data in TOWeb was not working correctly on some sites as for example new contacts which were not added to the TOWeb mailing list

12/08/2017 - TOWeb version 7.03

  • CSS optimizations may have caused malfunctions in the display or behavior of some sites such as the non-functioning of sub-menu links on smartphones
  • When adding a paragraph containing a "site map", it now aloso adds links to the local search engine and/or the shopping cart if used by the site
  • Vimeo option added to show/hide the full screen display button of the video player
  • FTP passwords containing symbols or accented characters prevented the connection from succeeding

12/06/2017 - TOWeb version 7.02

  • Creating a product catalog could cause the application to crash
  • Addition of a button "Quit TOWeb" in the menu of the "File" screen
  • The display and editing of a paragraph could be shuffled after applying a style other than "Background / Parallax" to a paragraph not using a full page width but aligned with another paragraph

12/05/2017 - TOWeb version 7.01

  • Malfunctions of TOWeb could occur with the crash of the interface. If you still encounter TOWeb crashes after installaing and using this update then try to regenerate the captcha of your website from the TOWeb "Options > Security & HTML" screen and also check your protection systems (firewall, antivirus, ...) to fully allow TOWeb V7 on your machine
  • Some functions were not performing any action such as "delete a topic"
  • The creation of a new album was overwriting the original images added to the list and replacing them with thumbnail versions
  • Links with "nofollow" relationship were not redisplayed and put back to an empty relationship when edited

12/04/2017 - TOWeb version 7.00

Version 7.00 provides new features and major improvements to make TOWeb easier to use with more web capabilities to your website.
For more information see the TOWeb V7 new features.

Former versions of TOWeb

For more information about former versions of TOWeb and how to reinstall them please check this page.
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