ChangeLog V8

09/18/2019 - TOWeb version 8.01

  • New choice of "medium" speed for the slider function of an image object containg several images
  • The quantities in stock were displayed in the product pages and in the shopping cart even when the option was deactivated
  • The "filter" function was not working properly on the Stock page of the e-Commerce Back-office
  • Free shipping defined from a certain amount, weight, or quantity was causing an undeliverable shopping cart error
  • The local search engine was no working at all on some websites
  • The Facebook "Like" and "Share" buttons where reversed (ie. activating a Facebook "like" was displaying a "Share" button and conversely activating a " Share" button displayed a "Like" button). If you used the previous version 8.00 and modified the choice of these options, you will need to restore them
  • Facebook's "Share" button may have not worked correctly when used on the homepage of some sites
  • "Public key" label replaced with "Site key" (correct Google terminology for the ReCaptcha public key) in TOWeb's captcha configuration window

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version 8.01 for Windows

09/10/2019 - TOWeb version 8.00

Version 8 provides new features and major improvements to make TOWeb easier to use with more web capabilities to your website.
For more information see the TOWeb V8 new features.

Former versions of TOWeb

For more information about former versions of TOWeb and how to reinstall them please check this page.
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