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The version 12 of TOWeb brings many new major features to modernize your website, improve its performance and its SEO...

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02/12/2024 - TOWeb version 12.05.967

  • In an e-Commerce site, the choice of the "Main page of your e-Shop" can now be specified in "Options > e-Commerce > About your store" in order to allow your customers to return to the page of your choice when they consult their shopping cart and use the "Back to the store" button 
  • After a successful payment via PayPal and while everything was ok, the e-Commerce website could wrongly display an error to the buyer
  • Modifications of the TOWeb interface in order to make certain texts and buttons more accessible and more readable depending on the types of screens used
  • The site optimizer could analyze and wrongly count the pages of a blog as belonging to a menu, and falsely report that the site menu contains too many buttons and/or that certain titles were too long
  • Creating a customer account might not work when the "billing address different from shipping address" option was enabled and when the states/provinces were activated in the store's sales countries
  • Update of the new link for the Google-WebFonts-Helper located in the "add a new web font" window of the CSS editor

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01/29/2024 - TOWeb version 12.04.966

  • The generated QR Codes no longer use the Google Chart API service because this web service, declared as deprecated by Google, is increasingly dysfunctional and will most certainly be stopped by Google soon. In order to anticipate this problem, the QR Codes of your sites are now generated directly by TOWeb V12 and this more quickly than before, without ever malfunctioning or blocking access to the "Publish" step (if fort instance you wish to use TOWeb without internet connection) and they are also generated in better resolution format
  • In the form allowing the creation of a customer account, the list of states/departments could sometimes be empty (such as for instance for the provinces of Italy or the states of the USA when used) and prevent the creation of customer accounts of the countries concerned on e-Commerce websites
  • Changing the Zoom value in Maps objects could no longer work
  • When saving several sites at once, the label above the progress gauge was containing twice the same name of the backup instead of displaying the name of the site (in quotes) and the name of its backup file (in parentheses)
  • The contents of the shopping cart displayed when hovering over the cart button could appear partially hidden in certain themes and situations
  • Some texts were systematically displayed in English and not in the chosen language of the user interface
  • Fix of some predefined messages for Italian sites
  • Fix of the TOWeb logo background color in the Mac version of TOWeb
  • Minor adjustments for better readability of certain labels in the user interface

12/19/2023 - TOWeb version 12.03.965

  • The site optimizer has been improved when checking a site's menu with a more judicious and greater tolerance for the maximum length of submenus
  • Update of the Lottie object that can be added in a paragraph to support the latest version of this animation player
  • The on/off button in a form was not hiding certain fields and/or their labels. The fields concerned were: Popup list, File, Color and Range
  • Issues to open Portable TOWeb 
  • The Options step of TOWeb 12 may no longer be accessible in e-Commerce sites containing invalid taxes. A check has been added to avoid incorrect entries, now indicated in red for the problematic taxes concerned
  • Readability fixes to the colors and positions of certain texts in the TOWeb 12 user interface and in particular when displaying the results and explanations of a PHP support test
  • The cursor, indicating the position in a text when entering/modifying it, was no longer visible for all the site's predefined text fields located in the "Options > Languages > Translate TOWeb's predefined texts" screen.

11/30/2023 - TOWeb version 12.02.964

  • Possibility of no longer having submenu indicators appear in the menu of your site
  • Not upgrading your existing PayPal payment and/or customizing the color of the PayPal button and/or deactivating PayPal Checkout V2 to reuse the old deprecated version of PayPal Standard could cause this online payment method to malfunction
  • Exporting a paragraph is now possible from all paid editions of TOWeb 12 and no just reserved for the Studio edition
  • Fix a crashes during the import of some sites which use the navigation option "back to the top of the page"
  • On certain screen types, the modify/duplicate/delete buttons could not be accessible and the content misaligned in the subproducts' management window of a catalog product
  • A “Change picture” context menu displayed in an Album could appear as available when it was not

From the site menu editing window, it is now possible to no longer display the triangular submenu indicators, both in the main menu and/or in the drop-down submenus. No longer displaying these indicators can allow you to avoid cluttering the visual appearance of your menu (especially if you have several submenus) and/or to have submenus using a simpler style.

11/27/2023 - TOWeb version 12.01.963

  • Fixes in e-commerce sites during the payments stage which could appear blank and/or not displaying the payment buttons of PayPal Checkout V2
  • The deactivation of the new product search engine was not taken into account in real time in the "Topics" step (in TOWeb only, not on published websites)
  • The “Product not available for sale” option was no longer accessible in catalog products
  • Fixes in the calendar events edit window where the buttons to perform actions were not all visible
  • Small design mode icons could appear in blog or group type pages
  • Update of Pixel Facebook for the add-to-cart events on e-commerce sites

11/24/2023 - TOWeb version 12.00.961

Version 12 provides new features and major improvements to make TOWeb easier to use with more web capabilities to your website.
For more information see all the TOWeb 12 new features.

Former versions of TOWeb

For more information about former versions of TOWeb and how to reinstall them please check this page.

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