TOWeb V7 changes

01/10/2018 - TOWeb version 7.05

  • Publishing could fail to hosts who put FTP clients in a directory other than root when connecting
  • Some background color gradients might have lost their transparency when modified from the CSS editor
  • The notification window when adding a product in the shopping cart could have displayed non-readable texts due to the presence of a transparency instead of its background color
  • Opening a link in a new page (or another tab) of the web browser is now possible for topics of your site.
    WARNING: except in special cases, it is strongly recommended not to open pages of your site in different tabs but on the contrary to always leave your visitors in the same page because it hinders the navigation and can also penalize the SEO of your site (the practice of opening different web browser tabs is often associated to unwanted practices such as advertising, spaming, hacking, …)
  • The “edit selected topic” in the TOWeb site optimizer was not always editing the right topic

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version 7.05 for Windows

12/19/2017 - TOWeb version 7.04

  • Site publishing was not working on some FTP servers by returning a "No mapping for unicode" error message
  • The recovery of the i-service data in TOWeb was not working correctly on some sites as for example new contacts which were not added to the TOWeb mailing list

12/08/2017 - TOWeb version 7.03

  • CSS optimizations may have caused malfunctions in the display or behavior of some sites such as the non-functioning of sub-menu links on smartphones
  • When adding a paragraph containing a "site map", it now aloso adds links to the local search engine and/or the shopping cart if used by the site
  • Vimeo option added to show/hide the full screen display button of the video player
  • FTP passwords containing symbols or accented characters prevented the connection from succeeding

12/06/2017 - TOWeb version 7.02

  • Creating a product catalog could cause the application to crash
  • Addition of a button "Quit TOWeb" in the menu of the "File" screen
  • The display and editing of a paragraph could be shuffled after applying a style other than "Background / Parallax" to a paragraph not using a full page width but aligned with another paragraph

12/05/2017 - TOWeb version 7.01

  • Malfunctions of TOWeb could occur with the crash of the interface. If you still encounter TOWeb crashes after installaing and using this update then try to regenerate the captcha of your website from the TOWeb "Options > Security & HTML" screen and also check your protection systems (firewall, antivirus, ...) to fully allow TOWeb V7 on your machine
  • Some functions were not performing any action such as "delete a topic"
  • The creation of a new album was overwriting the original images added to the list and replacing them with thumbnail versions
  • Links with "nofollow" relationship were not redisplayed and put back to an empty relationship when edited

12/04/2017 - TOWeb version 7.00

Version 7.00 provides new features and major improvements to make TOWeb easier to use with more web capabilities to your website.
For more information see the TOWeb V7 new features.

Former versions of TOWeb

For more information about former versions of TOWeb and how to reinstall them please check this page.
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