TOWeb in a few key points

The 10 good reasons to choose (or have chosen) TOWeb

  1. Our experience at your service: the website of our company is created and updated with our own software TOWeb and that for more than 15 years (!), proof of our confidence in the simplicity, the performances and the reliability of our solution (which is not the case for many competitors)
  2. A one-time, non-subscription purchase of a TOWeb version license you buy which includes free updates and that you can use for years, as long as you want (no obligation to purchase a new major version when it comes out every 2 or 3 years)
  3. Free lifetime email support with technical answers directly from the TOWeb developers themselves to solve your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also to better meet your expectations and any good suggestions for improvements to our software you may have or need
  4. No web development skills needed to manage your website all by yourself from start to end, even for an e-Commerce site (unlike other solutions such as CMS like for instance Wordpress) or in case of reinstallation
  5. You are autonomous and free: you not only create your site by yourself, update it as you wish whenever you want, but you also are the owner of your site meaning that you are totally free to publish it to any host anytime. You are not dependent on a particular host, which allows you to change to republish your site anywhere else, if your current no longer meets your needs, your budget or the expected quality of service you want. Your site when republished to another hosting provider will work immediately identical, unlike any inline solutions where, totally linked to them, your site will be lost and completely need to be redone
  6. TOWeb responsive management in the creation of websites that automatically adapt to the dimensions of the screen, the web browsers and the devices used by your visitors (smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, ...). TOWeb is one of the first solutions (if not the first) to have democratized and made the creation of responsive websites accessible to non-developpers since the release of TOWeb V5 in 2013. And two years later, in 2015, Google announced officially to have modified its algorithm to promote responsive websites. With TOWeb your site is ahead and remains at the forefront of technology for its SEO and the browsing comfort of all your visitors
  7. Wizards and many built-in tools not only make it easy for you to add and update your site every day with many widgets at your disposal but also to have a site optimized for better SEO thanks to the advice of the TOWeb site optimizer, and this before to publish your website
  8. Scalable possibilities of your site including integrated multilingual management if you want to make your website international, the possibility of selling your services or products online with a shopping cart (including digital downloadable products) or TOWeb script fields if you need to add in your pages your own lines of HTML code and/or scripts (JavaScript, PHP, ...) adapted to your needs if not proposed by default by TOWeb
  9. Almost infinite customization to allow you to create a totally unique website design by yourself with content that suits you and that you can remake or modified entirely to your taste at any time. The default templates that you can directly use have all been created with TOWeb and are just simple examples, a starting point, that you can customize as you want with every element editable (colors, layout, images, text, ...). So there is no limit to the number of different and unique themes that you can create and apply to your site with TOWeb
  10. The possibility to work offline on your website without any internet connection, for example on your laptop in public transport or when there is a problem with your internet line (unlike an online solution that requires permanently a reliable internet connection without any disconnection if you do not want to lose all your work)