TOWeb interface overview

A website managed like a document

When you start TOWeb and create or open your website, it will work like a document meaning that any changes will not be definitely saved on your computer until you say so. To save you changes at any time you may either use the CTRL+S shortcut or the Save changes button ( ) located on the top toolbar. If you have made changes and want to close the application, TOWeb will ask you if you want to save your changes. Caution : if you say NO all your changes since you open your website (or date of your last save) will all be canceled and lost.
Despite your website is seen as a document it contains many pages and files and hours of works that you do not want to loose so we recommend to make backups very often to be able to restore all your website data back on your computer in case of problem (such as virus, crash disk and any type of errors that could delete or corrupts files of your websites).

The 5 steps of TOWeb's toolbar

  Step 1: File

Create your first site from a template. In this step you will be able to see later on the summary of your site and main site management features such as save, open or restore another site. To estimate the size of your site (displayed in its summary) you need to generate a local preview in your web browser using the Build and Preview button ( ) or the SHIFT+F12 keyboard shortcut.

 Step 2: Theme

Start your website from one of our numerous templates theme and customize it by adding your own pictures, styles and texts using the theme editors.

  Step 3: Topics

Add and modify different types of topics :

  • single web pages,
  • albums,
  • collections of pages or items,
  • catalogs of products

To edit the content of your topic, click on the paragraph your want to update. Once selected the left side panel is filled out with information & properties of your paragraph that you may change like for instance the width of your paragraph or add/change an object into it such as picture.
If you want to change the title or text of your paragraph just double-click on it. A small toolbar will appear on top of it

and you will be able to edit your text, add or remove links a buttons, change text colors, style to bold or italic, etc. You may also do a right-click on your paragraph to directly access to some functions like for instance to delete the selected paragraph or add a new one paragraph after the selected one.

The top toolbar of TOWeb contains the list of all your topics. You may open a topic from this list or click on any links present in your page (like for instance one on your website menu) to directly open and edit the topic of this link.
On the top toolbar you can also add new topics ( ) or delete ( ) a topic and organize your topics ( ) of your website to decide their position, which topics needs to appear in your main menu or in a submenu or inside a group or not be displayed at all in the menu of your website.

  Step 4: Settings

In this step configure any additional fonction for your website such as local search engine or e-commerce options (shopping cart, payments, shipments, ...) or add any other languages to your website.

  Step 5: Publish Your Website

Finally enter your host parameters and publish your website. Once this is done just click on the publish button to make it available online to all on the internet. TOWeb integrates a FTP module optimized to only publish the new files and the ones that have changed since your last publication. You may also use additional options to publish your site at a scheduled time and turn off your computer thereafter, which can allow you to republish your site in the middle of the night for example.

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