Mailzy special offer during 3 days

January 11, 2023
Winter sale special offer -50% on Mailzy credits

To send your greetings to your customers with a professional quality email and have the statistical follow-up (opening rate, clicked links, ...) or to offer promotions or discount coupons during this winter sales period opening, we are offering you the Mailzy credit packs at -50% for 3 days (end Friday January 13 at 23:59 GMT+1):

  • PACK OF 1,000 CREDITS: €19 instead of €29
  • PACK OF 2,000 CREDITS: €29 instead of €49
  • PACK OF 5,000 CREDITS: €49 instead of €99
  • PACK OF 10,000 CREDITS: €79 instead of €149
  • PACK OF 20,000 CREDITS: €99 instead of €199
  • PACK OF 50,000 CREDITS: €149 instead of €299
  • PACK OF 100,000 CREDITS: €199 instead of €399
  • PACK OF 200,000 CREDITS: €249 instead of €499
  • PACK OF 500,000 CREDITS: €299 instead of €599

Mailzy works without subscription, each email sent consumes a credit. 50 credits are offered on the first connection. When purchasing a pack, your 50 free credits are kept, and the Mailzy advertisement disappears at the bottom of your messages.


Use Mailzy with TOWeb or PageXL

Mailzy is a completely standalone service, but if you are using the latest version 11 of TOWeb or PageXL, you can follow this tutorial to link your site/page's subscription form to a Mailzy mailing list to be managed automatically and free of charge regardless of your site, according to GDPR regulations.

This automated management of TOWeb and PageXL subscription forms does not commit you to using or buying Mailzy credits to send newsletters, it's totally free!

A mailing list built up over time can allow you to increase your revenues!