Manage your TOWeb and PageXL mailing lists with Mailzy

December 16, 2022
Formulaire d'inscription Mailzy

Our new online service Mailzy can now be integrated into TOWeb and PageXL to manage, free of charge and independently of your websites, the subscriptions of your contacts to your mailing lists. Available online, Mailzy is a very effective e-marketing tool for directly and massively reaching people interested in your services or products. A mailing list can allow you to multiply your turnover and the number of your visitors !

By following the instructions below, you will be able to give their full potential to the subscription forms of your TOWeb or PageXL sites whose default behaviors are very limited:

- In PageXL the registration forms send you an email notification with the address to subscribe but you must then manage the list of contacts by yourself...
- In TOWeb, you had to use the i-Service "Mailing List" working with a PHP script (so that your host supports it) in order to feed a list of contacts which remains linked to the site and cannot be used afterwards...

With Mailzy all the management of your mailing lists is transparent, both subscriptions and unsubscriptions, and you have a real tool to get started in email marketing and boost your sales.


Click here to connect to Mailzy in your browser, then go to the Lists menu and click on the button for creating a new mailing list :
Create a mailing list with Mailzy
Now give your list a name, choose its language (Mailzy will translate the forms and links for subscribing and unsubscribing to your mailing list into this language), then copy-paste the addresses of your first contacts if you already have any. If you don't have any contacts yet, you can create a blank list by leaving this field blank. If you had contacts in your TOWeb site, you can use the button Publish > Notify your contacts > Export your contacts to Mailzy to copy and paste them directly here:
Creating a mailing list with Mailzy
Once your list is created, click the SHARE button as shown below:
Share a Mailzy mailing list
You then access the list's sharing information and in particular the link to the subscription form for your mailing list. To embed this link in TOWeb or PageXL, click on the COPY button to place the link in the clipboard:
Copy the sharing link of a Mailzy mailing list


If you use TOWEB

Use the sharing link of a Mailzy mailing list in TOWeb

Go to the Publish > Notify your Contacts step, then use the button to paste the link of your Mailzy subscription form previously copied to the clipboard during step 1. That's it !
All you have to do now is to operate your mailing list as explained in detail in step 3.

If you use PAGEXL

  • Add a subscription in PageXL
  • Edit a subscription section in PageXL
  • Copy the sharing link of a Mailzy mailing list in PageXL
 (1)          (2)         (3)
1) If your PageXL site does not yet have a section with a subscription form, add one by clicking on the "more" button of one of the sections of your page, then scroll through the section templates to choose some one among those proposed by default for the subscription of your visitors (image 1).
2) Click on the "pencil" icon to edit the content of the section you just added (image 2).
3) Then place yourself in the input field indicated below and paste the link of the Mailzy subscription form (Right click + Paste or CTRL + V) which was copied to the clipboard during step 1 (picture 3).
Then click on OK at the top right to save the modified section then republish your PageXL site to test your online subscription form! All you have to do is use your Mailing List as explained in detail in step 3.


Your mailing list will now be fed by visitors to your TOWeb or PageXL sites without you having to take any action. Note that the same list can be fed by several TOWeb and/or PageXL sites, which was impossible before. Or several lists by the same site, especially if your site is multilingual and you send your newsletters in different languages.

All you have to do is use Mailzy to consult your contact lists and send them newsletters in order to promote your site and increase your turnover by informing them about your news, coupons, events, sales...

Here is how to create step by step the first newsletter that will use your list, 50 sending credits are offered when you create your Mailzy account, use them it's free!

Choose a newsletter template

Open mailzy again in your browser by clicking here to access the Compose screen, choose a newsletter template then click the START button. 
Screen for choosing a Mailzy newsletter template

Edit the template to fit your brand

Once the template is selected, adapt it in Mailzy in 5 steps: message content, style (as shown here), sender, recipients, and finally confirmation. Click the CONTINUE button to go from step to step:
Screen for modifying the style of a Mailzy newsletter

Send yourself a test/preview email

In the Envelope step where you define the sending parameters such as the subject of the newsletter or the name of your brand which will be displayed instead of the sending address, you can send yourself an preview of the email that your recipients will receive. It is recommended to do this test sending, to check that the links placed in your newsletter work well, for example:
Mailzy newsletter sender configuration screen

Select recipient lists

Here is the step where you will see the list you created in step 1 appear and which has been associated with your TOWeb or PageXL site! Select it, then click Continue.
Screen for selecting recipients of a Mailzy newsletter

Confirmation and preparation of the newsletter

During the last step, Mailzy will submit your newsletter to an antispam filter in order to validate it. If the test is passed, you can click on the PREPARE NEWSLETTER button.
Mailzy newsletter creation confirmation screen

Sending your newsletter

You will be redirected to the Mailzy Newsletters menu, on the dashboard of the one you have just created. All you have to do is click START DELIVERY to send it to all the contacts on your list. You must have enough sending credits for this. Below the illustration shows at the top right that the user has 50 credits, the sending can therefore be made to the 10 recipients of the list, the balance will then be 40 credits:
Screen for sending and editing a Mailzy newsletter

Consult in real time the statistics of the sending of your mailings

Once the sending has started, Mailzy will update the dashboard page in real time to show you the sending statistics, the rate of openings, clicks, the most clicked links, as well as for each recipient the time of sending and receiving. Mailzy will also automatically take charge of rejections and unsubscriptions to remove from your mailing list contacts that do not exist or who want to unsubscribe. You have nothing to manage to comply with the relevant legislation!
Example of statistics for sending a Mailzy newsletter

This is the end of this tutorial ! The management of lists by Mailzy being completely free, we strongly encourage you to set up a subscription form managed by Mailzy on your TOWeb or PageXL site, there is no limit to the number of contacts.

This does not commit you to using Mailzy to send your newsletters, but you do benefit from 50 credits offered when you first connect to Mailzy to send a newsletter completely free of charge.

If you need help on setting up your lists or if you want to give us your feedback on this tutorial, do not hesitate to write to us at or using the integrated support form of TOWeb or PageXL. We have also opened a section dedicated to Mailzy on the support forum.

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