TOWeb V7 Pricing



1 website
Ads in the website
Site size up to 10MB




5 websites
No Ads
No website size limit




Premium license +
Shopcart management
e-Commerce features




E-Commerce license +
Unlimited websites
Multiple instances


No subscription

→ Prices are per license, there are no monthly nor annual subscriptions
→ You can use your license of TOWeb for life
→ If you already own a TOWeb license, please follow our
upgrade instructions.

What's included when buying a license ?

  • 24/7 support by email through TOWeb's support form
  • Minor updates (versions 7.xx) are free with no time limit
  • Major releases (future versions 8.0, 9.0...) proposed at reduced prices without any obligation of purchase

Premium License

The Premium license removes the ads of the Standard version and allows you to create and publish up to 5 websites with unlimited sizes. This license is recommended for personal sites, associations, clubs, professionals, small and medium-sized enterprises and any website that does not need online sales. If later on you want to upgrade to the e-Commerce license, the upgrade price will be 55€ (or 155€ to upgrade to the Studio Edition).

E-Commerce License

The e-Commerce license includes all the Premium license features and turns your website into a professional online store with one or more product catalogs, a shopping cart with a great checkout experience, management of orders, payments (PayPal, Ogone, WorldPay, MoneyBookers, Skrill, SystemPay, WesternUnion, check, wire transfer, ...), shippings, taxes, selling countries & states... an much more. This license is recommended for selling online any product or service in your country or around the world. If later on you want to upgrade to the Studio license to create more than 5 websites, the upgrade price will be 105€.

Studio License

The Studio license has all the features of the e-Commerce license, but allows you to manage an unlimited number of website. It also allows you to open multiple instances of TOWeb to edit or publish several websites simultaneously. This license is recommended for web designers who create many websites for third parties / customers and allows the removal of the meta generator tag.

TOWeb License Comparison Table

TOWeb Features / Licences
Number of websites (max.)155unlimited
Ads inside web pagesyesnonono
Number of pages per sitelimited (1)unlimited (2)unlimited (2)unlimited (2)
Shopping cart and receiving ordersnonoyesyes
Online payments*nonoyesyes
Responsive* Themes Editoryesyesyesyes
European RGPD* Compliance Assistantsyes (3)yes (3)yes (3)yes (3)
Integrated Website Optimizer* (SEO)yesyesyesyes
Multilingual sitesyesyesyesyes
SSL support / HTTPSyesyesyesyes
Publishing module integrated (FTP/SFTP/FTPS)limited (1+2)unlimited (2)unlimited (2)unlimited (2)
Possibility to delete the meta generator tagnononoyes
Management of error pages and .htaccess fileyesyesyesyes

(1) within the limit of a site that does not exceed the maximum size of 15 MB
(2) within the limit of the space available on your web space and any restrictions imposed by your host
(3) from version 7.09 or higher

What are the upgrade prices and procedure ?

Former TOWeb users have been emailed for the upgrade prices and procedures. If you don't have received this email yet, please contact us indicating your invoice number. If you are migrating from a version 4 or older, please see our migration guide from TOWeb 1/2/3/4.