Topics & Page content

Add a new topic

By clicking on the Add a new topic button ( ) you can add 4 different types of topics to your web site :

  • web pages ( ): when creating a page TOWeb proposes to start with a basic presentation in which you can select the number of paragraph to start with as well as the number of panels in the sidebar. If you have images you can add them by checking the "use picture" option and they will be automatically added (1 picture per paragraph)
  • Albums ( ) that you can directly start adding them to a list
  • Catalogs of products for sale ( ) that you can start either by providing a list of pictures (1 picture = 1 product) or from an XML or CSV products database or just from scratch
  • Collection of web pages or items ( ) that will contain a navigation bar and page indexes to navigate among your pages or items
To create a new topic you need to enter the short name that will identify your topic (name displayed in your list of topics) and will be the text link used in your website menu to access your topic.

Add a paragraph

Use the Add a paragraph button ( ) from either the top left toolbar or using a right-click on your page to display the context menu. TOWeb will propose you to start your paragraph with a title, a text a additional object if needed and if you want to end your paragraph with a link button. Once added just make a double-click on it to edit and modify its content using the classic editor toolbar buttons (bold, italic, text colors, bullets, text alignment, ...).
If you want to display paragraphs in columns just change adjust their width and they automatically be displayed side by side (if your screen width is large enough otherwise they will be displayed to you as they will appears in mobile devices). And you want to center a paragraph change both its width and its offset.
With a right-click on your paragraph you may also move your paragraph before / after the other ones, duplicate it inside your topic (or another topic), add or replace an object into it (a form, a picture, a video, ...) or delete it.

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Add a sidebar panel

Use the Add a sidebar panel button ( ) from either the top left toolbar or using a right-click on an existing panel to display the context menu. A panel is a small paragraph placed inside a sidebar of your page behave like a paragraph except that you can not adjust its width nor aligned them side by side (all panels are displayed in the same column)

As a paragraph you can modify the content of a panel by double-clicking on it and from a right-click you can access to functions such as delete or add another panel to your sidebar.

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