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The version 10 of TOWeb brings many new major features to modernize your website, improve its performance and its SEO, but also the online sales of your e-shop with the support for instance of Stripe and Customer Accounts as well as many new design improvements for your website and much more...

Discover all the new major features of TOWeb V10

10/20/2022 - TOWeb version 10.10

  • Update of the PayBox payment system in order to comply with the DSP2 standard for protection against fraud which came into effect on 10/15/2022. To update this payment on your site, you will need to delete it and then add it again using the latest TOWeb version
  • CSS size optimization on sites not using cookie consents
  • Some options or texts could appear truncated or shifted in the TOWeb interface especially when creating a new topic

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09/06/2022 - TOWeb version 10.09

  • Warnings or errors could appear above the payment button when using PayBox. If this is your case, install this update then remove PayBox payment from your website and add it again by using this TOWeb update
  • Stripe update:  mandatory for all new Stripe accounts created after August 1, 2022 (but optional if you use an account create before). To use the latest version of Stripe on your site you will need to remove the old Stripe payment version of your site before to add the new one with this TOWeb update 
  • Some texts in the TOWeb interface were not readable or overlapped with others when the TOWeb window was of minimum width
  • When changing the image of an album, the selection of several images was wrongly authorized
  • Buttons displayed in some themes could appear with anomalies in the TOWeb "Topics" step

07/01/2022 - TOWeb version 10.08

  • The slogan element of your site's logo can now use a specific font different from that of the logo from your Theme's CSS editor
  • The CSS styles of a "menu link (active)" now also apply to submenu items. The styles of "menu link (active)" allow you to highlight the link/button of your site's menu in order to indicate to the visitor the current topic on which he/she is. But now, if you have for example in your menu a sub-menu X containing links to your 2 topics A and B, when opening either your page A or B, the button X will also be highlighted in the menu of your site
  • Bancontact payment is now supported for Stripe. If you want to use this latest Stripe update for TOWeb then remove the Stripe payment from your site and add it back again to your site
  • Loading root local theme was not disallowed and caused site CSS styles to be removed when used
  • The text appearing when hovering over the edit button of a text in a photo album was incorrect in TOWeb
  • New link added to the "License > New" screen for the new forum of TOWeb 

06/06/2022 - TOWeb version 10.07

  • Social sharing text could not appear in some sections using the "show sharing buttons only once at the end of the page" option
  • Password change on customer accounts was not working on some e-Commerce sites
  • The "Magnify" option that can be added to a parallax effect has been removed from TOWeb because it's no longer compatible with recent web browsers
  • Corrections in several labels in the user interface
    Improvements to the component for displaying web pages in TOWeb
  • Update of the libraries used in TOWeb to display and edit the content of web elements

07/02/2022 - TOWeb version 10.06

  • Customizing CSS styles for photo captions of albums was not working for albums using the "Open full size images from the index" option. Now, from the "Theme" CSS editor, the elements "Site > General > Photo albums > Picture > Caption" and "Site > General > Photo albums > Picture > Text" are supported to allow modifications of their display, for example to center the caption, change the colors or character size from the "Font" tab of these 2 elements
  • Implementation of a system allowing the automatic update of the CA certificates used by the Stripe payment method
  • Fixes for survey malfunctions (especially compared to PHP 8) as well as 2 improvements
    - addition of a new link "Reset all the votes of this poll" allowing you to delete the data file of the votes of the selected poll from your web space
    - slight visual improvements to the display of voting results (addition of margins, slightly rounded border and slightly raised percentage value for better readability when the background color is dark)
  • A file overwrite confirmation is now systematically requested when a paragraph is exported in ".twp" format and the destination file already exists
  • Fix in the interface of the customization window of the <head> section (located in "Options > Security & HTML") where the option relating to the additional line of code did not remain positioned at the bottom of the window when a resizing of its height but is displayed above the text area

01/13/2022 - TOWeb version 10.05

  • The pagination of the different products of a catalog placed was not working correctly when placed on the home page of a site
  • Links to digital files purchased by customers are now displayed and downloadable from the order history of their customer accounts
  • The "status" of orders displayed in the backoffice page could incorrectly display "Awaiting payment" instead of "Payment accepted" on some paid orders especially with PayPal and Stripe
  • Links of some download files could not appear in the Back-office
  • In some cases, the return page to the merchant site could remain blank after a payment accepted by Stripe
  • Removal of an empty duplicate H1 tag that can be generated in the HTML code of product catalogs
  • Correction of a malfunction of the "drop-down list" custom fields that can be added to the order form of an e-Commerce site which displayed "undefined" values
  • Correction of typos in the English texts of the predefined delivery messages of downloadable files for sale and addition of these missing texts in the following languages: Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese
  • Modification of the Facekook Pixel code so that certain analysis tools no longer incorrectly report errors/warnings
  • Correction of a text present in Spanish in the Italian interface of TOWeb

12/22/2021 - TOWeb version 10.04

  • Under certain conditions and certain configurations, orders from an e-Commerce site could be without customer contact details
  • Some captions of the civility field (in particular "Miss" in an English website) could not be displayed in the forms of the customer accounts
  • On some servers, after a successful payment by Stripe, the return page to the merchant site was not display correctly but with a blank page instead
  • When creating a customer account, the states / provinces field of a country could appear when it should not on websites using the onTOWebPageLoaded function inside a script for example to display an alert or a snow effect
  • A "Warning" line could appear in the customer accounts page on e-Commerce sites using individual coupons and when no individual coupon was defined

12/15/2021 - TOWeb version 10.03

  • The width of images in product pages can now be changed. By default in "auto" mode at 50% of the page width, this can now vary between "xsmall" and "xlarge". The change of this width also applies to all other products of the catalog
  • The photos could appear as being blurry on certain sites and/or certain computers
  • The selected sub-product photo was incorrect in step 1 of the shopping cart
  • On smartphones or tablets, the content of the first paragraph of a page might not display correctly across the full width when the full height option as well as a background image were used
  • Automation after digital product purchase could not work with PayPal test mode
  • Paragraph identifiers could be used in some internal links instead of bookmark names when the latter were defined
  • In an e-commerce site only accepting customers from the same country, the country indicated by default in the customer account creation form could sometimes be the one of the United States instead of the store country
  • It was no longer possible to activate the BCC option for customer order submission. Please note that it is possible that this BCC feature is not accepted and does not work correctly on your web server. If so please reuse the recommended default option.

12/03/2021 - TOWeb version 10.02

  • The predefined texts concerning customer accounts can now be personalized from the "Options > Languages > Translate predefined texts > Accounts receivable" screen
  • The checkout process could get stuck in step 2 on some e-commerce sites
  • An ERR_SNE error could be incorrectly reported after validation of an order placed on some e-commerce sites
  • The creation of a customer account could not work in some cases
  • The pad color of sub-products in "white" was not visible on pages using a white background as well as the texts of some sub-product buttons  depending on the colors used by the theme of the site
  • The pad colors of the sub-products were not displayed correctly when numerous and the name of the internal codes of the colors were displayed in the name of the products on the Back-Office real-time stock page
  • In product catalogs not using the shopping cart, product sheets could have the product name displayed twice
  • In a local preview of a site (and only in this case) certain predefined texts could appear systematically in French and not in the language of the site

11/29/2021 - TOWeb version 10.01

  • The theme slider was not working correctly in certain modes and in particular when use with links
  • The payment buttons of e-Commerce sites were no longer displayed but an endless animation instead
  • The real-time stock Back-Office page could no longer display anything when this option was activated on an e-Commerce site

11/26/2021 - TOWeb version 10.00

Version 10 provides new features and major improvements to make TOWeb easier to use with more web capabilities to your website.
For more information see the TOWeb V10 new features.

Former versions of TOWeb

For more information about former versions of TOWeb and how to reinstall them please check this page.

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