What's a i-Service ?

The i-Services are either dynamical or interactive functions generated by TOWeb in your website. Configurable in the Settings > i-Services screen a wizard allows you to verify if the i-Services are supported on your web space (it is necessary to publish your site at least once prior to perform this test). In case of trouble or doubt contact your host to make sure you can use PHP scripts on your web space.

Which i-Services are available in TOWeb ?

The i-Service named "Blog" allows your visitors to post comments directly inside some pages of your website.
More information about BLOGS.

The i-Service named "Form" allows you to automatically receive by email the contents of all the web forms submitted by your visitors from your site as well as the customers orders if you have a e-commerce website.
More information about FORMS.

Mailing list
The i-Service "Mailing list" allows your visitors to subscribe or unsubscribe to your list of email contacts.
More information about MAILING LIST

The i-Service "Poll" allows your visitors to vote to your polls and view the polls results.
More information about POLLS

Download counter
The i-Service "Download counter" allows to know the number of downloads made by your visitors for each downloadable files available on your site, that is to say created with a link to a download file. The monitoring of your counters and their eventual deletion/reset is done from the backoffice page of your site (accessible from the "Configure" button of this i-service).

e-Commerce Backoffice
Managed from the "Options > e-Commerce" with a version 8.00 or higher.
To save, see and manage the orders directly from your site as well as the downloads of your files for sale and a real-time stock.

See also how to save & restore your i-Services data.

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