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 Version 9.05 is released

TOWeb Logo

This update now allows you to automatically generate Open Graph metadata by default in all the pages of your site including also the "twitter cards", improves the PHP support test of your host by displaying its version number and corrects some presentation malfunctions related to albums, catalogs and Backoffice.

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 Version 9.04 is released

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This update improves the cookie consent customisation and fixes different issues in particular regarding the alignment of heading/paragraph titles, the access to the Backoffice and the direct click download of images form certain web browsers.

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 New templates

Nouveaux modèles de sites responsive

2 new examples of responsive sites, GreenTeam and Combox, are available and can be directly used from TOWeb to test or start a new site. A version 9.03 (or higher) is required to use these templates and their content.

ComBox  GreenTeam

 Version 9.03 is released

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This update corrects crashes that may occur on certain configurations when adding topics to a site as well as the presence of cookie consent buttons at the end of pages displayed in superimposition.

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 Version 9.02 is released

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This update corrects issues regarding new TOWeb 9 features (direct image download click and access to the new Backoffice) as well as a problem with the display of user comments on websites.

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 Version 9.01 is released

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This update corrects several display and operation problems relating to images in the site as well as malfunctions in the Backoffice and in the TOWeb 9 catalog & album content reorganization screen

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 New version 9 of TOWeb

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This new version 9 is a major version including many new features that will allow you to modernize your site, improve its performance and its SEO, but also the online sales of your e-shop with Click & Collect support, order tracking, a new Backoffice and much more...

What's new in TOWeb 9

 COVID-19 : Suspend website activity without impacting Google

Google pause
Due to the measures taken by all the countries of the world to fight the spread of Covid-19, many companies are no longer able to ensure the proper functioning of their services and have to pause their activity.
But how can you stop your e-commerce site, your services and inform about your business changes without impacting the SEO of your website in the long term?

 Version 8.13 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update brings corrections for the online payment Ingenico (aka Ogone), the poll object, a mailing list security issue, the TOWeb user interface and also fixes a malfunction of the Free edition when used on Mac.

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 TOWeb's exceptional anniversary offer

15 years anniversary 2005-2020

We are ending the summer of our 15th anniversary by offering you a 50% discount on the purchase of all TOWeb 8 editions as well as all PageXL plans. 

This offer expires Wednesday, September 16 at midnight (Paris time, France, GMT+2). 

You can subscribe or renew your PageXL plan from your account (create a Free PageXL account first if you do not have one) and purchase TOWeb by using the buttons below.

-50% off on TOWeb 8 PREMIUM
24,50€ instead of 49€
 -50% off on TOWeb 8 E-COMMERCE
49,50€ instead of 99€
 -50% off on TOWeb 8 STUDIO
99,50€ instead of 199€

 Watch out for duplicate content

No duplicate content

Duplicate content is an important aspect of SEO that requires your full attention to avoid seeing your site heavily penalized by Internet search engines like Google or Yahoo/Bing. We have listed the main errors you need to avoid on your site as well as server's configuration aspects and invite you to follow our advice.

How to avoid duplicate content

 Second exceptional offer of the summer !

15 years anniversary 2005-2020

Only during the next 48 hours, a license of TOWeb 8 offered with PageXL plans !

  • TOWeb Premium offered (worth 49€) for any new purchase or renewal of a PageXL SOLO plan (24€ / year)
  • TOWeb E-Commerce offered (worth 99€) for any new purchase or renewal of a PageXL PRO plan (48€ / year)
  • TOWeb Studio offered (worth 199€) for any new purchase or renewal of a PageXL Studio plan (96€ / year)

To receive your free license of TOWeb, just subscribe or renew your PageXL plan and send your invoice number by email to
This offer expires Wednesday August 26 at midnight (Paris time, France, GMT+1).

How to subscribe to a PageXL paid plan or renew it

 Version 8.12 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update fixes a problem with links and catalog content in multilingual sites as well as various issues relating to the subscription to the mailing list and improves the option allowing to shutdown the computer after a successful publication.

More about TOWeb 8.12 update

 Unwanted ads on your site

no ads
You published (or republished) your site and when visiting it on the internet with your web browser, you noticed the appearance of advertisements that you did not request or strange behaviors not matching what you have done in TOWeb? If this is the case then follow all our advice.

 Version 8.11 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update reinforces the security of the sites and corrects many problems related to the update of the online stock from the e-Commerce BackOffice, the hover image zoom function on smartphones and tablets, the theme slider, the unsubscribe links of newsletters, the status of sub-products without stock management, as well as abnormal slowdowns when loading or editing topics on sites containing users' scripts.

More about TOWeb 8.11 update

 TOWeb's exceptional anniversary offer

15 years anniversary 2005-2020

We celebrate this summer the 15th anniversary of our company Lauyan Software, an entrepreneurial adventure started with TOWeb version 1.00 on August 6, 2005.
For this event, we will be making flash sales of our TOWeb and PageXL products throughout this summer. The first one, starting this Wednesday for 48 hours, is exceptional since it is a 50% discount on all editions of TOWeb V8, less than a year old. This offer expires Friday, July 3 at midnight (Paris time, France, GMT+1). To take advantage of it, use the coupon code TOWEB15YEARS or the purchase buttons below.

-50% off on TOWeb 8 PREMIUM
24,50€ instead of 49€
 -50% off on TOWeb 8 E-COMMERCE
49,50€ instead of 99€
 -50% off on TOWeb 8 STUDIO
99,50€ instead of 199€

 Compatibility with Mac OSX Catalina

Catalina logo

Both version 8 and version 7 of TOWeb can now be used under Mac OS X version 10.15 (Catalina). If you are using TOWeb V8 you need to download and reinstall again version 8.10. If you are using TOWeb V7 you will need to download and reinstall version 7.24. As for TOWeb V5 and V6, these former versions remain only compatible with OSX 10.14 (Mojave) and earlier but are not compatible with Catalina.

Download TOWeb V8 Download TOWeb V7 service stopped for V2 to V4 e-Commerce sites

mail alert

The " email notification service" which can be used in the old versions V2, V3 and V4 of TOWeb will be definitively stopped within a few weeks. If you were still using this option in TOWeb V2-V4 for your e-Commerce website, you will need to select instead the "form to mail i-service" option, indicated as recommended in the "Options > e-Commerce > Submitted orders configuration" screen, before to publish your site.

 End of the exceptional interruption

Cyber attack

Due to a denial-of-service attack that occurred Saturday late afternoon, May 23, 2020 our server was no longer reachable, as well as our email server. None of our data could be accessed or damaged by this attack and everything is now back to normal since this Monday. As for PageXL and its services completely independent, it has not been impacted, your sites have always remained online. We are sorry for this incident and its exceptional duration.

 Display a popup message on your site

TOWeb popup script
During major changes in your activity or your website (and especially this current period of COVID-19 crisis) it is important to immediately inform your visitors about your situation as soon as they return to your web pages. Displaying your information in a popup window over your page, either automatically or via a button, can be the ideal solution for your visitors but also for you and even more if you do not want your notification message to affect the SEO of your site.

 Version 8.10 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update optimizes the responsive behavior of your site on mobile devices not only on images and objects embedded in the content of your paragraphs but also on the slider of your theme. In addition, some bugs related to the theme and e-Commerce features have been fixed and new types of scripts are now also supported.

More about TOWeb 8.10 update

 Add COVID-19 announcements to your website

Covid-19 Google information
Due to COVID-19, many organizations, such governments, health organizations, schools, and more, are publishing urgent announcements that affect schedules and other aspects of everyday life. To improve the visibility of this information in Google search, your organization can add structured data to its web pages.

 Version 8.09 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update brings the possibility of playing a sound to signal the end of publication of a site as well as a fix in TOWeb Portable, an improvement in CSS styles and an optimization for PHP 7.

More about TOWeb 8.09 update

 TOWeb press kit

TOWeb iPad logo
Whether it's creating articles about TOWeb for your magazine, blog, website, or promoting it via our TOWeb affiliate program or simply discovering the main advantages of TOWeb to compare it with competitors, you will find all this as well as images, logos and icons to download on our TOWeb key points' page.

 Version 8.08 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update brings some fixes but mainly improvements on styles with new effects applicable to elements of your web pages and optimizations reducing the size of CSS files by up to 45% on your sites.

More about TOWeb 8.08 update

 Make money promoting TOWeb

Affiliate logo
We are happy to announce the launch of our affiliate program which will allow you to receive a 30% commission rate on each sale of any new TOWeb license purchased thanks to you. Our affiliate program is open to everyone and completely free, so we invite you to promote TOWeb to your contacts now by using your own affiliate links and receive commissions on all sales made through you !

 A Falling Hearths effect for Valentine's Day

Hearts for valentine's day

Valentine's Day (February 14th) is approaching and you want to beautify your website for that event? Well, if you previously used and appreciated the snow effect introduced by TOWeb version 8.06 then you will probably want to give a try to the new falling hearth animation over the content of your pages ! 

Add a falling hearts effect to your web pages

 Which PHP version to choose for your site


Version 5 of PHP is no longer maintained since January 1, 2019 which means it has not been updated for more than a year now. Knowing that security flaws are regularly discovered in old versions of PHP, for more security, durability and not leaving your site obsolete or vulnerable, we recommend to use a recent version of PHP (7.2 or 7.3). Regarding the i-services scripts integrated in TOWeb, we also recommend PHP 7 but only with TOWeb V8. If you use an old version of TOWeb, then you will have to keep and stay with your current version of PHP in order for your website to continue working properly.

How to know the PHP version used by your site

 Version 8.07 is released

TOWeb V8 Logo

This update brings improvements to the CSS editor for multilingual websites as well as several fixes in particular regarding the social buttons, the display of the cookie consent banner and the management of the <head> section of the catalogue products.

More about TOWeb 8.07 update

 Best wishes for 2020

Year 2020

We hope you discovered and enjoyed all the new features of TOWeb V8 coming with more possibilities for your websites still remaining perfectly viewable by all your visitors, whether they use smartphones, tablets or computers.
Whatever the version of TOWeb you use, the one of yesterday, today or tomorrow, we hope that our software will continue to bring you full satisfaction for all your 2020 web projects.

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