TOWeb V9 changes

09/06/2021 - TOWeb version 9.09

  • Better support for Leaflet maps in terms of zoom and street name readability
  • In multilingual e-commerce sites, some product pages could be missing in certain languages or not using the correct language
  • New option located in "Options > Back-Office > Online stock > No real-time stock for sub-products" allowing to take into account only the products not having any sub-products in the management of the online stock
  • The sitemap file of a multilingual site could sometimes contain errors and image data even though the option to generate images was disabled
  • Display fixes of the stars and user comments form not appearing correctly in pages
  • The PayPal payment button not appear centered when checking out on some e-commerce sites
 IMPORTANT: when starting TOWeb make sure that the version number displayed is If this is not the case but the number instead then download TOWeb again and install it again in order to have the correct fixes in full, including also the user comments fixes.

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version 12.11 for Windows

07/01/2021 - TOWeb version 9.08

  • It is now possible to create a single page site using a photo album
  • Possibility to customize the CSS styles the index buttons of the index pages of the product catalogs (which previously were always blue)
  • New predefined field %TW-PAGELANG% to use page language inside scripts of a multilingual website
  • Possibility to customize the CSS styles of disabled/inactive buttons that can sometimes be used in a site, in particular e-Commerce
  • In the e-Commerce BackOffice, certain orders could sometimes appear with no "Status" indicated and without the possibility of modifying them
  • In a multilingual site, changing the language of a product page did not display the product page in the selected language but the catalog index page in which the product was located
  • Improvement of the user comments display and clarification of certain labels used in the TOWeb interface

05/26/2021 - TOWeb version 9.07

  • In paid editions of TOWeb 9, the slider of the Theme is no longer limited to 50 images (only the free edition of TOWeb V9 remains limited to a maximum of 50 images)
  • The cookie consent dialog could be displayed each time on each page when using the option "Force the user to accept or refuse cookies before visiting your site"
  • The customizable logo of the order form did not appear when printing orders of e-Commerce websites
  • Some online payment orders (such as PayPal for instance) could have used and displayed by default the status "Payment validated" instead of "Pending payment" in the Backoffice
  • The "Encode password" option located in step 2 of the host configuration wizard (accessible from the Publish step or by using the F8 key) could not be activated. You can now use this option if the connection to your FTP server does not work and your password contains special symbols or characters

02/04/2021 - TOWeb version 9.06

  • The new function to display a paragraph's content aside its background image was sometimes not using all the available width
  • Due to a change of Leaflet Open Street Maps, the maps were only displayed as an empty gray area
  • When the WebP format option was enabled, Images placed in the slider of the Theme could not be displayed to the full width or height available. Furthermore some web browsers, such as Safari, not fully supporting WebP are now taking into account to display images. 
  • Voting in polls could no longer work
  • The reset of file download counters from the backoffice no longer worked 
  • Update of VAT rates and sales taxes in the United Kingdom also removed from the EEC zone due to Brexit which came into force on January 1. Please note that this update will only concerns the new sites you will create but it is not retroactive to your existing sites. If Great Britain is among your countries of sale and if Brexit affects you, then you will need to adjust by yourself the applicable VAT rates in your country of sale from  "Options > e-Commerce > Taxes"
  • Minor corrections of the Backoffice, in particular the real-time stock page which could always remain displayed in French
  • HTML and CSS code optimization of the QR code printing page

12/17/2020 - TOWeb version 9.05

  • Open Graph metadata are now enabled by default in all topics of your site and include "twitter card" information. So without doing anything other than installing 9.05 and republishing a site with a favicon, you will have your "twitter card" integrated into your pages as well as your product sheets. Furthermore, if an Open Graph metadata image has a width / height ratio greater than 1.3 (i.e. landscape photo) then its twitter card will be generated in landscape mode with its large photo in this format and its information placed below (otherwise the image will be displayed in normal mode, i.e. with a smaller squared image aligned to the left and its information aside on the right)
  • The PHP support test performed by TOWeb now checks the PHP version used by the web server that hosts your site in order to notify you in red of any problems related to your version
  • Changing the "thumbnails style" of an album from the "Theme" step (Site > General > Photo albums > Thumbnail) was no longer taken into account. In addition, a new "ginette" style has been added taking up the one used by the new V9 template of the same name
  • Duplicate text displayed when using one of the new possible layouts available and applicable to the catalog index pages
  • Some Backoffice pages may not display accented characters correctly
  • Access to the "Publish" step of TOWeb could sometimes be abnormally slowed down
  • Some types of links to external sites could be truncated
  • Changing the language of the TOWeb user interface could not work but remain in French and require a double change of language in order to be taken into account
  • Modification of the initial comment present by default when creating an HTML script in order to avoid adding source code inside the comment and so as comment

12/10/2020 - TOWeb version 9.04

  • Pre-defined texts are now available for your site if you have enabled consent and cookie personalization. Directly usable in your site without the need to do anything, they are also available in 12 different languages if your site is multilingual. To view or modify them, click on the "+" button next to the cookies you have activated on the "Options > Cookies & Confidentiality > Cookies" screen. If you have modified a text related to a cookie but wish to start again from the one proposed by TOWeb, simply click on its "Default value" button
  • Activating the "Disable right-click" content protection on a site caused blank pages when using the "Save as PDF" feature. If you still obtain blank pages, make sure that the scripts and HTML code you have added to your site are compatible with printing/pdf saving (iframe, etc.)
  • Some web browsers such as Firefox could not offer an extension to image files when using the click function to download them
  • Backoffice access issues
  • It is no longer necessary to click on the red button to save the changes after a publication of the site but automatically done
  • A parasite alert appeared when displaying superimposed topics in a site using cookie consent
  • The alignment (left/centered/right/justified) of a title or a subtitle in a topic could sometimes not be taken into account when saved

12/08/2020 - TOWeb version 9.03

  • Correction of a crash that could occur systematically or randomly on certain configurations and particularly when creating a new section
  • Removing of cookie consent buttons added at the end of a topic when placed in an overlay window
  • Correction in the technical support contact form in order to be fully usable by certain types of foreign keyboards

12/07/2020 - TOWeb version 9.02

  • Access to the Backoffice could no longer work and display a blank page
  • The new "click" action to "Download" the image directly in large format did not work correctly
  • User comments could no longer load correctly
  • A label "new!" was present in TOWeb interface (for photo albums) where no new features was present

12/06/2020 - TOWeb version 9.01

  • Clicking on photos in albums was no longer opening them in full screen when the "open large images from index" option was enabled. This option is also now enabled by default when creating a new site
  • The images of products placed in the index pages of catalogs are no longer updated by default in "large size" in order to preserve compatibility with existing sites and avoid having to deactivate this option on each catalog
  • The shopping cart, local search engine and sales conditions pages were not containing any introductory image when displaying the display by "Topic" was selected in the "Slider" of the "Theme" step
  • i-services and site Backoffice malfunctions displaying errors or blank pages on certain server depending on the PHP vesion used
  • under Windows 7/8, a random crash of the application when activating the "Theme" and "Topics" step
  • The "Apply changes" and "Cancel" buttons located in the catalogs and albums reorganization screen of TOWeb were not working
  • Existing version 8 sites on the computer may not appear in the list of old sites from "File > Open" and require the use of a version 8 site backup via the "File > Restore" function

12/04/2020 - TOWeb version 9.00

Version 9 provides new features and major improvements to make TOWeb easier to use with more web capabilities to your website.
For more information see the TOWeb V9 new features.

Former versions of TOWeb

For more information about former versions of TOWeb and how to reinstall them please check this page.

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