Backups & Transfers


Data of your website are stored on your hard drive each time you use the Save button ( ) but in addition to that It's very important to regularly backup your website because in case of data loss on your computer (crash disk, viruses, errors, ...) you won't be able to restart your website just from the generated web pages published on the internet but only from a WGA backup file.
To create a WGA backup file you need to go to the "File" step ( ) of TOWeb and click on the Backup link. Then enter the name of your backup file and any additional comment about your website version. You have the choice to let TOWeb save your backup file to its local folder or to any other location. We strongly recommend you to save your backup file manually on a different disk than your hard drive (like for instance a external USB drive or on CD) in case of a crash disk.
The backup files of TOWeb are of course compatible with all environments allowing for example transfer of your website  from a Windows machine to a Mac using a backup / restore functions.


From the TOWeb's file step, click on the link named Restore located on the left side. In the "Restore a backup" screen you will be able to restore a backup from a CD, an USB key or another directory or choose to restore a local backup appearing in the list of local backups. Then proceed to the restore either as a new website or over the one you currently opened.
IMPORTANT : if you restore a backup over the site currently opened this will replace all your current site. So before to restore a site, make sure that you don't want anymore you current site opened as it totally and permanently be deleted and replaced by the backup one.
For more information see also how to reinstall TOWeb.

I-Service Data of your Web space

Why and when saving the i-Services data ?
Some i-Services of tour web site can record data directly on your web space such as visitors' comments added to your website pages with the User comments i-Service. The data information added by your visitors are only present in your web space, which means that in case of technical problems or a change of host provider these information will be lost unless you've previously saved them.
TOWeb automatically backups and recovers data on your i-Services on your web space every time you are publishing your site or making a complete backup of your site but you can also retrieve these data at any time by clicking the button: Backup my i-Services data located in Setting > i-Services step.
You can backup your i-services data as often as possible in order to always hold the latest information of your visitors on your computer and be able to restore them if it should ever be necessary.

Why and when to restore the i-Services data ?
Restoring data from your i-Services will erase all data on your web space you previously saved and kept on your computer. This substitution or deletion of your visitors' data is generally not desirable as this operation is irreversible. The 2 cases where you may need to restore data i-services on your website are :
if you have changed your host provider and want to transfer to your new hosting space the visitors data you had on your former host space
if for any reason your i-Services were lost or damaged on your hosting space like for example after a disk crash on the provider server or a mistake on your part resulting in the deletion of files to your web space.

TOWeb Portable

TOWeb portable feature located in "File" step ( ) is not a backup but a way to work on your website(s) if you have a laptop computer by transferring TOWeb and you site(s) on through a USB key or a mapped drive and synchronize back everything later on your desktop computer when done with your laptop. Your laptop or computer must have a Microsoft Windows operating system to be able to run and use TOWeb portable on a USB drive.

Advice: before any transfer and use of the "TOWeb portable" functions from your desktop computer to your laptop (or vice versa), we advise you to make a backup of your sites' data using the "File > Backup" function in order to be able to restore them later in the event of problems or user manipulation errors.

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