The Poll i-Service allows your visitors to vote for your polls and view the latest votes results. To add a poll to a topic you need to selected an existing paragraph or create a new one and from the addition Object list of your paragraph select "Poll". You can place only one poll per topic.

Create a new Poll

First verify that the i-Services Poll from the screen Options > i-Services > Poll is activated and create at least one poll. By clicking on the "Configure" button you will be automatically offered to create a new poll (and if you already have at least one existing poll then use the "New Poll" button). Then enter the title of your poll as well as his brief introduction text (usually phrased as a question) then the list of possible answers to your survey in the "Poll choices" area by entering one choice per line. Then click "Add new poll" and eventually start to create other polls before you click OK and save everything.
Once created, you will ne be able to changed it thereafter, meaning that you can correct the text of a choice (eg. if you made a typo or spelling in a word) and change the choices display order but you will not be authorized to add new choice or delete existing ones because it would no longer be the same poll. It is therefore important to think in advance all possible choices / answers for your poll because otherwise, you will have to delete it and recreate it with your new list of choices.

Adding a poll in a topic of your site

You can choose which location(s) of your site you want to place a poll. This could be for example in a paragraph or an information panel of your home page to make it more visible and encourage your visitors to vote. To do this select the paragraph or information panel of your choice and select the Poll object located in the proposed list of Objects for your paragraph a sidebar panel.
The poll form will appear on your site and your visitors will be able to vote. Their vote will be memorized so that next time they visit your site they will no longer see the voting form nor have access to it but they will directly the latest results of your poll.

Configuration and administration of Polls

In the Poll i-Service Configuration window you can "Allow multiple votes per visitor" by checking this option. This is generally not recommended if you want reliable results but can sometimes be useful in some cases such as tests to familiarize yourself with the polls or data loss if you recreate a previous survey and would like to recreate the votes yourself.
In the "Options" tab of the Poll i-Service Configuration window you can set the graph bars colors and presentation. In all your surveys you can also "Add a poll result link to the poll form" by checking this option. We recommend you leave this option unchecked if you want your visitors to vote before to see the results.

Special administration functions for Webmaster
As the creator and administrator of the site, if your poll is configured not to allow a multiple vote per person, you can bypass this and vote again by clicking on the link "Clear my previous vote and see my online website" located in the "Poll"tab of the paragraph where you placed your poll. Similarly, if you set your poll as not possible to see its results before voting, you may see the results any time by simply clicking on "Memorize me to always see results of this poll on my website".
Finally, to prevent any data loss or accidental file erasure in your web space, it is important to regularly save your site polls to be able to recover and republish them in case of trouble.

Poll display errors
If you find that your poll is not correctly displayed on your website or shows the results of a previous poll that you could have published previously then, from TOWeb, select the topic and paragraph where you added this poll and click on the link named: Clear my previous vote and see my online website.

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