The PayPal payment system on your site

Accept paypal purchases on your e-Commerce website

TOWeb integrates natively and by default the PayPal payment system so that your visitors can make purchases by credit cards on your e-Commerce website.

Paypal payments

The payment system PayPal accepts and offers different types of bank cards (Visa, Eurocard-Mastercard, American Express, ...). Using the PayPal payment system for your e-commerce site, your visitors will have the choice to either pay by credit card or by their PayPal account if they have one. Registration in the payment system PayPal is free, there is no subscription, fees are only levied on every purchase (see site for more information about the offers and conditions their services).

You can now create your PayPal account since site and then indicate your email account TOWeb address at the "Options> E-Commerce> Payment methods" screen to use this payment system to your online e-commerce site.

See also other supported payments.

Operating issues during PayPal payment

If during the PayPal payment from your PayPal site you find an error check the following:

  • If you have activated the option "Upload customer information to PayPal", make sure that you have left ALL necessary customer fields on your order form: Name, First name, Address, City, Postal code and Countries with both the options "Use" and "Mandatory". If you have deactivated one or more of these fields, then you will have to activate them again from the "Options > e-Commerce > Order form > Standard fields" screen or you will have to deactivate the option "Upload customer information to PayPal" because PayPal does not accept incomplete information
  • Some security upgrades imposed by PayPal effective since 2017 may impact your site:
    1. The first measure impacts only TOWeb e-Commerce sites when selling downloadable digital products (ie sales of music files, photos and other types of downloadable files only). If it is the case of your site then PayPal obliges you to use the HTTPS protocol at the level of your server.
    2. The other PayPal measure concerns all e-Commerce sites hosted on servers that do not already use at least version 1.2 of the TLS protocol and version 1.1 of the HTTP protocol.
    • What should you do ? contact your web host to determine if your web server has all the security updates required by PayPal and if you do not ask him to do the necessary for your hosting.

Create a custom button PayPal "Donate" or "Buy Now"

You want to add a simple "Buy now" button (without any shopping cart nor order) or a "Donate" button using PayPal on your site? A button that can be placed in the footer of your website or in any section of any topic and this perfectly integrated with your TOWeb theme? Here's how to proceed:

  1. You must have a PayPal account (and thus create it from if you do not already have one). Once logged into your account then open the PayPal button creation page.
  2. Then click on the link "Create a new button" and select the desired type of button like for instance "Donate" or "Buy Now".
  3. Complete the rest of the form fields, taking care to specify a name (this text will be the one displayed by PayPal during checkout) and if possible leave the option "Use my secure merchant account ID".
  4. Once completed the form, click "Create button"
  5. On the result page, then select the "Email" tab in order to copy/paste the URL of your payment button. This URL should normally be of the form:

This is it, all you need thereafter is just to paste this URL into a link that you have created in TOWeb

  • either by creating a link on an image of your choice placed in a paragraph,
  • or by creating a text link that can also be placed into a button with a icon of your choice
and thus obtain a customized PayPal payment button fully integrated to the theme of your site and/or the content of your topic.

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