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How does TOWeb user comments work on my site ?

By activating the User comments i-Services you can choose thereafter in which topic and paragraph your visitors will be able to add their comments on your web pages. This could be for example near the photos of your album, the products of your catalog or in one or several paragraphs of a web page. This function is particularly useful in particular for blogs that you can create with a version 11 or higher of TOWeb by using groups.

Activate the User comments i-Service for a topic will display 2 links to your paragraph : one to open and see visitors comments and the other to show the form where to post a comment.

If no comments are added by your visitors only the link "Add a new comment" will be displayed. On the contrary, if one or more comments have been added then another link will indicate how many comments are already present. A click on "Add Comment" displays (or hides) the comment form and a click the comment link displays (or hides) all the messages already posted by visitors.

Predefined text of your site, like for example the "Add a new comment" text, can be modified from the step: "Settings > Languages > Translate TOWeb's predefined text".

How to configure user comments ?

The user comments configuration step
If i-services are supported by your host, you can use and activate user comments on your website in Settings > i-Services> User comments and click on the Configure button to access the configuration window. From there you will be able to select the icon styles you want to display next to your links (add and view comments links) and indicate whether you wish to be notified by email every time a visitor adds a comment on your site. Note that the email address of the visitors will not be displayed on your site. You will only be notified of his/her email address if you select this option: receive a notification mail each time a comment is posted.
If the captcha protection is activated on your website forms then it will also be for the forms unless you check the option: Disable the captcha security code. In order to avoid visitors to post twice the same message or spam with a lot of comments you can specify a minimum delay between 2 consecutive posts made by the same visitor.
Finally you need to enter an administrator login and password to edit or delete the comments of your site if needed.

User comments customization inside a topic of your website
Select the topics of your site where you want to accept comments from your visitors and check the option "Allow visitors to post comments". In your topic is an album or a catalog comments will be allowed for each picture or each products. And if your topic is page then you will have the choice between the option to either add comments in the whole page or for each paragraph.
Then "Edit the topic content" and you'll see a new tab named "Comments" inside your topic. This tab will display comments from your visitors and by clicking on the Download the latest comments you will retrieve and backup on your computer the latest posts on your web space. In this tab you can also prevent the post of any new comments with the option Close comments post on this paragraph for example if you receive too many "eccentric" messages and want to block spammers.

How to edit or delete comments ?

Any modification or deletion of comments must be proceeded directly from the form of your website. It is not necessary to have TOWeb to do that so you can make moderate your comments from anywhere and any web browser by just typing administrative commands in your forms. Verify first that you have entered a admin login and password in the User comments i-Service configuration window (the login "admin" and a random password are set by default). If you change the login or password don't forget to publish again your site thereafter to apply this change. If you want to moderate the comment number x (number displayed next to each comment) you will to fill out and post the administrative command as explained below :

  • name : your login admin name (default is "admin" if haven't changed it)
  • email : your admin password
  • website : the administrative command MODx (to modify) or DELx (to delete) where x is the comment number to moderate. For example DEL9 if you want to delete the 9th comment and MOD12 if you want to modify the 12th comment.
  • message : the new text message that will replace the one posted by your visitor. Only applicable if you modify a comment and use a MODx command. If you use a DELx command then keep this message field empty.

Caution : the MOD and DEL commands are case sensitive so verify you use uppercase characters !

And do not forget to click on the Send button of your form to post and execute your administrative request.

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