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The Mailing List i-Service of TOWeb allows your visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe to your mailing list.

How does Mailing list i-Service work on my site ?

The Mailing list i-Service or "Newsletter" is a form on your website from where your visitors will be able to give you their email address because they want to be informed about changes or news on your site. With a Mailing list i-Service on your website, visitors will be able to subscribe or unsubscribe to your newsletter and their email addresses will be automatically added or removed from your list of contacts.

Subscribe requests
A subscription form added to your site will allow your visitors to be added to your list of contacts. When they send their request from your site, your visitors first receive an email requesting confirmation. This confirmation request is to :

  • check that the email the visitor sent is a valid email so you won't keep incorrect email addresses in your contact list,
  • make sure the email address provided is the plaintiff and not the one of a person who registers another person than him/her.

Once your visitor have received this email requesting confirmation, your future "subscriber" only needs to click on the link located in that email and a confirmation message will be displayed to him/her. Once confirmed, the email address of your visitor will be automatically saved into the i-Mailing Service data located on your website. And whenever your list of contacts to be updated with all the new email addresses of people who recently subscribed to your mailing, simply click on the Backup my i-services data button located in the Settings > i-Service screen of TOWeb.

Unsubscribe requests
If you use the Mailing list i-Service, the TOWeb automatic adds an unsubscribe link to the end of every messages you send to your contacts from the step: Publish > Inform my contacts . Persons receiving your messages will only have to click on this link if they want to unsubscribe to your mailing list and by clicking on this link their unsubscribe request will be automatically recorded to the i-Service data of your website. And as for subscribe requests, whenever you want your list of contacts to be updated with all the new unsubscribe request, simply click on the backup my i-services data button located in the Settings > i-Service screen and their email addresses will automatically be removed from your TOWeb's contact list.

And of course you can always add or remove your own contacts manually using the "Add a contact" button located in the "Publish > Notify your contacts" step if people contact you directly without using the i-Service Mailing list functions and links of your site.

How to configure my Mailing list i-Service ?

You need to activate the Mailing list i-service from the Settings > i-Service screen and click on Configure to open the configuration window of this i-Service. You will then be able to configure your subscription form and retrieve the subscribe & unsubscribe requests of your visitors by following these instructions:

Set up your subscription form
Select the topic and paragraph where to Insert the subscription form object Mailing list . Then select the Mailing list object (if your paragraph already uses an object then add another paragraph and/or place it elsewhere like in a sidebar panel of your page for instance).
Finally customize the subscribe and unsubscribe messages (located in the other tabs of the configuration windows) and then publish your site to make subscription form available online to your visitors. The text and the unsubscribe link that you have stated will be added automatically by TOWeb to the end of your messages send from the "Publish > Inform your contacts" step, so your contacts can unsubscribe by a simple click if they don't want to receive your emails anymore.

Get the subscribe & unsubscribe requests to update your contact list
Each time you backup the i-Services data of your site, your list of contacts ("Publish > Notify my contacts") will be updated meaning that any new confirmed subscription & unsubscription will automatically add or remove email addresses to your contact list.
The i-Services data backup (including mailing list data) is done automatically by TOWeb when you publish your site and every time you proceed to a complete backup of your site from step "Start> Backup ".

Note : Your mailing list form doesn't need any captcha because it has its own protection system and way to manage your visitors requests to avoid spams.

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