TOWeb V8 Changes

10/15/2020 - TOWeb version 8.13

  • Update of the online payment method Ingenico (alias Ogone) which could no longer function correctly. If you used this payment on your site you will have to delete it and then add it again manually with version 8.13 in order to update it
  • The Poll object was no longer working correctly when the option to display poll results was not used
  • Correction of a security flaw in a script allowing registration to a site's mailing list
  • Removal of unnecessary questions that may be asked when deleting a site from its web space
  • Modification of some backoffice pages where accented characters could be displayed incorrectly
  • Irish language (Gaeilge) not appearing in the language menu of a multilingual website
  • Under MacOS X only, the Free edition of TOWeb could not publish a site if no user email address was previously entered
  • The two dates "Last modified" and "Last saved" located in "File> Your website" were not always visible depending on the width of the TOWeb window

08/20/2020 - TOWeb version 8.12

  • The option allowing the shutdown of the computer after a successful publication of the site can now be activated and deactivated also when the transfer is in progress (under MacOS X this option does shutdown the computer but only the TOWeb application)
  • The fact of not entering filenames for the pages of catalog products could lead to a mixture of languages and product pages on a multilingual site
  • The confirmation link sent by email for a mailing list subscription was not working correctly in some email reader tools
  • The mailing list subscription form could appear incomplete when placed inside an information panel
  • CSS optimizations

07/04/2020 - TOWeb version 8.11

  • Site form security has been tightened to avoid certain malicious script attacks
  • Correction the e-Commerce BackOffice to update real-time stock that could cause a “reset” and a loss of the product quantities entered
  • The option "Use your additional code in design mode" located in "Options > Security & HTML > HEAD" was not working correctly when deactivated, with the consequences of executing user scripts in design mode and slow down the TOWeb editor and/or display warning messages
  • The unsubscribe link automatically added to the end of the email sent by the “Notify your contacts” function is now shorter in order to avoid problems with links being cut or considered invalid by certain e-mail readers. In addition, it now becomes possible not to send any unsubscribe link by just leaving the "unsubscribe link" field empty in “Options> i-Services> Mailing list> Configure> Unsubscribe link”
  • The "zoom" hover of a photo is now disabled for mobile devices as it was impossible to scroll the page when the finger was positioned on the photo
  • When the "real-time stock" option is deactivated, the "default" behavior for displaying the Stock of all the subproducts of a product can now be customized to display "In stock" (initial behavior) or to the desired replenishment status (such as "Available within 15 days") by selecting "0" from its produtc "Stock" option
  • Theme preview of TOWeb was not systematically refreshed after adding an image in the Slider of Theme
  • Fix of the slide indicators that were requiring to activate first the navigation buttons of the Theme's Slider to appear
  • It is no longer possible to change the bookmark name of a paragraph when hidden as it is useless but also avoids integration problems of the alert script
  • The names of the topics marked as being "under construction" are no longer present inside the drop-down list of an "article" topic 
  • For the “article” type topics, on the label of the drop-down list navigation now puts the focus on the
  • Notifications of orders from an e-Commerce site are no longer sent by email when used in demo mode in TOWeb Free or Premium edition and an error message “ERR_DEMO” now appears to remind you that the site online is working in Demo mode
  • Addition of a green label “New!” inside the "Options > Smartphones" screen of TOWeb to more easily locate the new option for smartphones introduced in version 8.09

05/06/2020 - TOWeb version 8.10

  • A new option (activated by default) allows you to modify the responsive display behavior of images and other objects embedded in the text of your paragraphs to make them more readable on smartphones and tablets
  • From the CSS editor, it now becomes possible to hide the Slider of your Theme only on smartphones
  • New types of scripts now supported allowing the display customizable alerts and popup windows on your site
  • The local search engine of a site with product catalogs was only displaying results when searching for main product references but not subproduct references
  • Sites created with a version 7 or earlier of TOWeb and containing sub-products displayed with a restocking period (such as “Available in 15 days”) could, once imported into TOWeb V8, no longer display the same status but “In stock” instead. No action is required to keep your sites functioning as before, except verifying that you have deactivated the real-time stock option from “Options > E-Commerce > Stock”
  • Deletion of empty areas which can be left on the HTML code when using paragraphs set to the "Not published" mode
  • In the CSS editor of the Theme, the customization of certain links (such as the color of hovered links used inside paragraphs such as “Custom 1” to “Custom 5”) was not always taken into account
  • The option introduced in version 8.09 allowing a sound at the end of each publication was displayed even when no hosting was configured
  • Minor CSS optimisations

04/14/2020 - TOWeb version 8.09

  • In the “Publish” step, a new option now makes it possible to play a sound of 3 beeps to signal that the end of each successful publication
  • Fix of a problem with TOWeb Portable which could no longer work on Windows
  • Update of the TOWeb Poll i-service which now becomes incompatible with the very old version 4 of PHP but now requires at least a version 5 or 7 of PHP
  • Adding additional lines of CSS code (declared using the <style> and </style> tags) is now authorized in the <head> section of each topics (accessible from their SEO options) as well as globally for all the pages of your site (accessible from“ Options > Security & HTML > HEAD”). All your possible local or global CSS additions will be combined in a single <style> declaration

03/11/2020 - TOWeb version 8.08

  • Improvement of the code generation allowing to reduce up to 45% of the size of the CSS files to accelerate the download and display of a site
  • New “Opacity” effect available for the “Hover” property of an “Image” object. Use this effect if you want your image to be displayed by default with opacity and then appear clearly (without any opacity) when hovered with the mouse
  • New “Color” effect available for the “Hover” property of an “Image” object. Use this effect if you want your image to be displayed by default in black & white and then appear normally with all its colors when hovered with the mouse. Note: this effect does not work with old versions of Internet Explorer/Edge before 2015 but only from version 13 of Microsoft's browser
  • New “Opacity” property applicable to any CSS element from the “Advanced” tab of the Theme editor. Modifying this property is particularly useful on an element having a possibility of hovering (such as a link, a button or an image of an index images of an album or catalog), if you want to chnage the appearance of your element on mouse over. The possible values are between 0 and 1 (examples: 0.1 = very little visible, 0.7 = average opacity, 1 = no opacity, normal display)
  • New “Filtering” property applicable to any CSS element from the “Advanced” tab of the Theme editor allowing an element to be displayed in “Black & white”. Modifying this property is particularly useful on an element having a hover option (such as a link, a button or the index images of an album or catalog), to make the element appear initially in “Black & white” and therafter in color on mouse over by deactivating this effect. Note: this effect does not work with old versions of Internet Explorer/Edge before 2015 and Edge web browsers but only from version 13 of Microsoft's browser
  • Fix for the “drop-shadow” border effect applicable to the image of a paragraph that could have been truncated on the right or left side depending on the alignment chosen
  • The Bluepaid online payment method is no longer supported in TOWeb due to a judicial liquidation procedure of the company Bluepaid Invest occurred in February 2020
  • New texts and links inside the TOWeb user interface pointing to the new TOWeb Affiliate Program

01/15/2020 - TOWeb version 8.07

  • Multiples fixes related to the custom <head> management of catalog products
  • Alignment and display fixes of some social sharing buttons
  • In the CSS editor of the “Theme” step, the new properties “Menu link (hover)” and “Submenu link (hover)” have been added to the “Language” menu element of a multilingual website in order to allow the change of these styles (like for instance the text color and background color) to better match the ones of your theme
  • The cookie consent banner could be displayed with inverted colors on certain sites (like white or transparent background instead of black)
  • Update of the SYSTEMPAY payment method systematically working in SHA-1 mode even when its SHA-256 option was activated. If you already using this payment on your site, you will have to delete it and recreate it manually with a version 8.07 to update it
  • In the edit window of a Table object, the delete button located on the right was deleting a column instead of the current row selected
  • The protection of a topic was not working correctly when the "No footer" option was activated
  • Update of the i-service form of TOWeb V8 which was no longer compatible with the old versions 4 of PHP

11/05/2019 - TOWeb version 8.05

  • Improved OpenGraph data management with now automatic generation of image width and height for more efficient processing and optimal display of your images during sharing. Images larger than 1024 pixels are also now considered for optimal computer display. Note: for Facebook the recommended image size is either a square format (ratio 1: 1) or a rectangular format (ratio 1.91: 1) as for example 600 x 314 pixels, 1200 x 628 pixels or 1400 x 733 pixels
  • Enhancing the security of some third-party scripting embedded in web pages with SRI (Subresource Integrity)
  • Some characters/symbols placed in image titles could be badly encoded and cause reading problems on the sitemap file of the site photos
  • The local search engine could have displayed text of paragraphs using the "Hidden" display option

11/21/2019 - TOWeb version 8.06

  • Ability to add an animation effect of snowflakes that fall into the content of the pages of your site
  • The two new "sponsored" and "ugc" link attributes introduced by Google last September are now supported and be set from the "Relation (rel)" list when creating or editing a link
  • Unnecessary parameters added to the links pointing to product catalogs and album listings are now no longer generated

10/17/2019 - TOWeb version 8.04

  • Code optimization of some styles (minification)
  • Manually added images for the Open Graph metadata were resized to a small size in catalogs and albums
  • Orders containing a product with at least one double quotation mark in its name could have been partially displayed thereafter in the Back Office
  • The calculation of VAT was wrong when VAT was used in the delivery modes of an e-Commerce site
  • In a multilingual site, the "Edit" button located in the properties of an table object was only allowing the change of the main language cells but not those of the secondary languages
  • The default texts entered in fields of type "Multiline text" were not displayed in forms
  • TOWeb interface fix of the "save changes" button that was not always appearing after certain modifications in the " Options > Errors & Rules" screen
  • An unwanted "New" label could appear in the TOWeb interface near the image properties of an album

10/01/2019 - TOWeb version 8.03

  • Images added to the Open Graph metadata of a topic were resized to a small size
  • In the Free edition of TOWeb (only), after an attempt to publish a site larger than the maximum authorized limit of 50Mo, TOWeb could "crash" when opening both the "Topics" or "Theme" screens
  • The host configuration wizard could remain blocked indefinitely trying to establish a connection in vain when a web address (htpp or https) was mistakenly entered by the user in the "login" field FTP connection
  • In the TOWeb technical support wizard, some links displayed inside the results of a search in the online help were not opened correctly in web browsers
  • A context menu has beeen added to the edit field of the <head> section of a topic to facilitate text selection and allow copy / paste / cut actions
  • On the e-Commerce Back-Office page of the Stock, the use of the "Reset" button now displays an explanatory message and ask for the confirmation of this action

09/23/2019 - TOWeb version 8.02

  • Wrong size of the pictures displayed on albums using both the options "open full size images from the index" and "medium" tumbnails size for their index pages
  • The product quantity added to the shopping cart was not taking into account the real-time quantity in stock when the shopping cart option "Allow the purchase of products greater than those available in stock" was deactivated
  • Fix of a security vulnerability in forms using ReCaptcha
  • Google Recaptcha texts were displayed in the same language as the web browser and not in the language of the website

09/18/2019 - TOWeb version 8.01

  • New choice of "medium" speed for the slider function of an image object containg several images
  • The quantities in stock were displayed in the product pages and in the shopping cart even when the option was deactivated
  • The "filter" function was not working properly on the Stock page of the e-Commerce Back-office
  • Free shipping defined from a certain amount, weight, or quantity was causing an undeliverable shopping cart error
  • The local search engine was no working at all on some websites
  • The Facebook "Like" and "Share" buttons where reversed (ie. activating a Facebook "like" was displaying a "Share" button and conversely activating a " Share" button displayed a "Like" button). If you used the previous version 8.00 and modified the choice of these options, you will need to restore them
  • Facebook's "Share" button may have not worked correctly when used on the homepage of some sites
  • "Public key" label replaced with "Site key" (correct Google terminology for the ReCaptcha public key) in TOWeb's captcha configuration window

09/10/2019 - TOWeb version 8.00

Version 8 provides new features and major improvements to make TOWeb easier to use with more web capabilities to your website.
For more information see the TOWeb V8 new features.

Former versions of TOWeb

For more information about former versions of TOWeb and how to reinstall them please check this page.

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