Ads in your webiste to earn money

Adding ads to your pages can be a good source of revenue depending on the audience of your site and the number of visitors. From the "Options > Advertising" step, TOWeb allows you to automatically add ads to your site whether you use Google Adsense or another ad network of your choice.
Depending on the content of your pages, TOWeb will choose for you the locations deemed most appropriate. But if the display and the choices made by TOWeb do not suit you but instead you want a more targeted and specific display behavior, it may be more judicious to consider using TOWeb HTML script fields instead in order to place where you want the scripts provided to you by your advertising agency.

  • Advertising scripts for TOWeb added into the pages of your site are unpaid and only appear when using the Free edition of TOWeb (but not in paid editions).
  • if "unwanted advertisements" appear when you visit your site on the internet, they are generally due to either your host provider (especially if it is a free hosting), or the use of a malicious script or service that you previously added to your site such as for instance a "free web visit counter" that actually does more than just that but could not only add ads, spy the visitors of your website or even hack your server. If this is the case, delete all the scripts that you added to your site before republishing it completely, change your passwords and make sure that your web server is not damaged and/or ask your host provider to check for anomalies in your web server or web space.

Advertising with Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a traffic analysis tool comparable to Google Analytics but which, in addition to allowing the tracking of your visitors (pages visited, purchasing actions, ...), will also allow Facebook to know what types of Net surfers purchase on your site in order to spread your advertising to all Facebook users most likely to buy your products. To use Facebook Pixel on your site, you need to

  1. manually create a pixel ID and enter its value in TOWeb's "Options > Ads > Pixel ID" field
  2. enable Open Graph meta data in your pages from the "Section <head> and other meta tags" button located at the "SEO Optimization" of your topics (or at least the web pages that you wish to be shared by Facebook)
Entering a Pixel ID in TOWeb also allows you to activate (or deactivate) the tracking of certain events on your website such as for the orders (Options > e-Commerce > Shopping Cart > Event Tracking) as well as the use of your website's search engine (Options > Search Engine).

Unwanted ads on your site

If you see unwanted ads when visiting your site online then make sure

  • to publish your site with a Premium / E-Commerce / Studio edition of TOWeb and not with a Free edition (or with at least an E-Commerce edition if you have an online sales site) by checking this from the "License" screen of TOWeb. From there verify first you use TOWeb version you purchased and if it is the case but see Free edition then install your registration key
  • that the server of your host provider does not add advertisements to the content of your pages especially if you use a free web hosting service
  • that you have not added some third party scripts responsible for the display of advertising and other undesirable effects or even detrimental actions to your site and your visitors
  • that web browser is not reusing and displaying old page of your site stored in its temporary internet files.

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