What's New in TOWeb V8

Background Videos

CSS3 HTML5 background video
It is now possible to put a background video inside any paragraph of your pages. This effect is stunning when used at the top of your homepage, as illustrated by these 4 new website templates:

Displaying texts over images

text hover image css html5
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This effect can be applied to a Picture object used in any paragraph, but also on all the images of a Card object. If no hover effect is selected, the title will be displayed as a tooltip by web browsers when hovering the image.

Album thumbnails with wide square photos

TOWeb Photo Album

In the index page of a photo album, thumbnails now appear in square and large format (like Instagram). The former settings remain available in the Theme step under "Site > General > Photo Albums > Thumbnail".

Custom web fonts + 240 new Google Fonts 

custom fonts woff
TOWeb now supports 240 new Google Fonts (971 in total) and allows you to add your own fonts (.woff, .eot files, etc ...) for instance to use commercial fonts or to work offline without an Internet connection.

New modern websites templates

website templates TOWeb
The new exclusive website templates included in TOWeb V8 follow the latest web design trends. They largely exploit and illustrate the new features introduced in version 8.

Improved form security with Google reCaptcha

Google reCaptcha
Google reCAPTCHA is a system that leverages the recognition capabilities of human users to prevent malicious robots from sending forms through your site.  Google's reCAPTCHA protection is more reliable than the one built into TOWeb, but requires your web host to support PHP. Former TOWeb's captcha is still available.

New social buttons

Social buttons in TOWeb
New sharing buttons for WhatsApp, Pinterest and Skype are available, but also a "Facebook Share" button in addition to the existing "Facebook Like" button.

Redirection when a countdown object expires

countdown widget
The countdown object can now redirect to any web page when the timer expires or has already expired.

i-Services: download counter & blog

download file counter
New i-Service "download counters" allows you to know how many times your files have been downloaded by visitors. This feature requires the use of "File to download" links in your website. Download counters can be viewed from the BackOffice of your site. This feature is activated by default and accessible from the "Options > i-Services" screen of TOWeb. 

In addition, the i-Service "User comments" has now a new option to open and display all the comments by default when your web page is loaded.

SEO: support of Open Graph tags

open graph meta in TOWeb
OpenGraph data are supported on any page of your website (including products and albums) to spread more information to the search engines and improve the sharing of your pages on social networks like Facebook or Twitter for instance.

SEO: Sitemap improvements

sitemap generation in TOWeb

At the end of a successful publication, TOWeb now allows you to send your updated sitemap.xml file directly to Google and Bing/Yahoo, so that these search engines can immediately take all your latest changes into account.
It is also possible to generate pictures information from your site in your sitemap.xml file or in a separate images.xml file for better ranking in Google Images
These new options are located in the "Options > Sitemap & RSS" screen.

e-Commerce: real-time stock

real time stock
Quantities in stock are now live updated on your site after each order of your customers without the need to republish the site. The Back-Office allows you to view and modify the stock status in real-time from any web browser and from everywhere without needing TOWeb anymore!

e-Commerce : volume pricing

prices per volume
You can now apply decreasing prices for a product depending on the quantity purchased by your customers. Just click on the new button "More prices" located in your product's properties and add your pricing rules.

e-Commerce : new inventory management

stock wizard in TOWeb

The management of your products' stock is enhanced with 2 new wizards for updates made either online or manually catalog by catalog (and the update wizard based on orders received by email can still be used too).

Display of the stock of each product both in the catalogs' pages and the shopping cart of your site. 

Ability to limit sales only to quantities available in stock or on the contrary allow them depending on your replenishment system (like in TOWeb version 7 and lower). 

Ability to define from what precise amount will be displayed the "Limited quantity" icon & status for products to sell.

e-Commerce: Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

Facebook Pixel
Facebook Pixel is a traffic analysis tool comparable to Google Analytics but which, in addition to allowing the tracking of your visitors (pages visited, purchasing actions, ...), will also allow Facebook to know what types of Net surfers purchase on your site in order to spread your advertising to all Facebook users most likely to buy your products.
The event tracking with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel is also now supported for local searches on your site as well as when adding products to the shopping cart and ordering.

e-Commerce: reorganization of functions

eCommerce features of TOWeb

A new wizard now allows you to easily enable or disable the shopping cart & e-Commerce features of a site. The different BackOffices (orders, stock, downloads) are grouped together and managed in a new section of "Options > e-Commerce".

e-Commerce: improvement of delivery methods

shipping method logo
Minimum weight per carrier: useful in particular if you use different carriers such as for example one to ship your small mail/parcels and another one for big parcels. In addition to weight, a minimum may also be applied to the quantity or amount of the order. 
All prices of delivery methods are now displayed so that your visitor can make his choice without having to select them one by one to see each price. 
No more delivery displayed as "not compatible" when ordering: for example when the weight of an order is too high (or too low) for a delivery method, it will no longer be displayed to visitors as not compatible, meaning also that an applicable delivery method will always be selected by default.

Improved display on smartphones and tablets

Responsive float image
A new option (activated by default) allows you to modify the responsive display behavior of images and other objects embedded in the text of your paragraphs in order to make them more readable on smartphones and tablets. 

In addition, it now also becomes possible to hide the Slider of your Theme only on smartphones.

More powerful publishing module

FTP and FTPS publication
Security, reliability and performance of the publication module strengthened : SSH security patches, improved reliability on sending large files, better support for FTPS and SFTP protocols increasingly imposed by the hosts.
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