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Version 7.18 is released

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This update brings the ability to customize <title> and <description> meta tags of each product page of your catalogs as well as their web filenames to improve their SEO. Some problems have been fixed too regarding animated GIF images and some custom CSS styles.

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Version 7.17 is released

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This update brings a new Rating object to display reviews with rating stars as well as other improvements such as a new display style for the Key Figure object, the support of the new version of the Twitter Widget and the support of viewport units inside the themes.

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Issues with Mac OSX High Mojave

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Some users report problems with TOWeb which does not reopen once the application is iconized under the new version OSX Mojave 10.14. We are currently looking for the cause of the problem and to optimize TOWeb for OSX Mojave so meanwhile, we advise you to aither postpone the installation of this update of OSX or avoid to iconize TOWeb in order to be able to use it.

Version 7.16 is released

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This update brings several improvements such as a new animation effects on certain objects, the possibility to enter units in key figures objects and a facilitated management of the access rights for protected topics when adding new users.

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Improve the SEO of your site using TOWeb

Google SEO

Referencing your site is a long-term job that requires constant follow-up and refinement. TOWeb's built-in site optimizer helps you with many technical aspects by notifying you numerous possible problems and improvements before each new publication of your site, but are you using your keywords correctly? And have you also already considered Search Engine Advertising?

Use of keywords on your site  Search Engine Advertising

Version 7.15 is released

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This update fixes a problem that may occur when validating the latitude and longitude of the new Leaflet maps, as well as display problems of both multiple images and ribbons.

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Version 7.14 is released

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This update brings the ability to fold and unfold the content of paragraphs by simply clicking on their title and now supports the Leaflet solution as an alternative to Google Maps for displaying free maps on your web sites.

More about TOWeb 7.14 update

 New themes

New examples of responsive websites

2 new examples of responsive websites are available and can be used directly from TOWeb (a version 7.13 or greater is required). Named DentalCare and Foundings, they can also be previewed using the buttons below.

DentalCare  Foundings

Version 7.13 is released

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This update brings a correction to the optimizations introduced by the previous version 7.12 which can cause a bad display of the images located in certain paragraphs as well as their abscense in albums using a direct display in full screen. This update also improves the automatic delivery thru PayPal so if you have an e-Commerce wesbite performing sales of digital products you will need to update your PayPal payment if you use it.

More about TOWeb 7.13 update

Version 7.12 is released

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This update improves the navigation of the TOWeb user interface, supports a date ranger picker for the web forms of your site and brings new possibilities in the display of paragraphs with appearance effects as well as a blur effect for background images.

More about TOWeb 7.12 update

Protection of your email addresses


In order to fight against spam robots, TOWeb provides protection for links pointing to your email addresses as well as captchas for your forms. But there are also other situations where a good practice needs to be known and respected by your website.

Protect the email addresses of your site

 Chrome now displays all HTTP sites as "Not secured"

Google Chrome logo

Until recently, security warnings were limited to unencrypted (HTTP) pages that collect password or payment information but not anymore. Since end of July and its version 68 Google Chrome dramatically expanded “Not Secure” warnings to include all HTTP pages. Browser security warnings can cause cart abandonment, reputation damage and other serious problems for your business. Act now to ensure every page of your site is secured by HTTPS and no longer by HTTP.

Secure your site with HTTPS

Version 7.11 is released

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This update enhances the security of your website's pages by preventing an attacker from including malicious content and also provides enhancements to the site optimizer with security tips, a reminder before the expiration date of your SSL certificate, and the ability to block the publication of your site when it is not sufficiently optimized.

More about TOWeb 7.11 update

Introducing PageXL: the Simple, Free, One Page Website Builder

PageXL Logo

13 years after TOWeb, we are proud to introduce today our new service to meet the demand of users looking for an online tool to create very easily one page websites.

View the PageXL demo video  Try PageXL for Free

Manage the dead links


Dead links can be harmful to the SEO of your site and make you lose many visitors. TOWeb prevents you from having internal dead links on your site and allows you to detect any outgoing dead links you may have added. But there are still other harmful situations where good practice needs to be known and respected.

How to avoid dead links

Hide the topic options you do not use in TOWeb

TOWeb UI topics options

TOWeb V7 now allows you to fold and unfold different groups of topic options to make the editing easier on smaller screens or to hide options you may not use often.

How to fold and unfold the topic options

Version 7.10 is released

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This update brings an improvement in the TOWeb user interface where groups of options can now be fold or unfold, but also new feature to facilitate the compliance of your website with European legislation as well as few other minor fixes.

More about TOWeb 7.10 update

Website compliant with the European GDPR


Regulation No. 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a regulation of the European Union which constitutes the reference text for the protection of personal data. Applicable in all 28 Member States of the European Union from May 25, 2018, TOWeb V7 assists you in bringing your website compliant with it.

How to make your site compliant with the GDPR

Version 7.09 is released

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This update brings features to facilitate the compliance of your site with the RGPD (General Regulation on Data Protection) but also provides SEO improvement as well as bug fixes regarding web forms and the TOWeb's PHP test failures on some sites secured by HTTPS.

More about TOWeb 7.09 update

Version 7.08 is released

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This update brings a new Timeline object, as well as display fixes, optimizations for Google and improvement for PayPal payment incorrectly configured.

More about TOWeb 7.08 update

 Secure your website

secure https

Your site is accessible only by HTTP and not HTTPS ? It may be time for you to consider securing it not only to reassure all your visitors but also to improve the SEO of your site as HTTPS is now becoming more and more essential for search engines such as Google.

Why and how to secure a site

Version 7.07 is released

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This update brings several bug fixes related to links management on your site as well as improvements on some online payments.

More about TOWeb 7.07 update

Version 7.06 is released

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This update brings improvements such as the possibility to display paragraphs aligned next to each other without any spacing and to adjust the positioning of a paragraph background image but also fixes several fixes such as a security vulnerability of your websites and incorrect displays of the related products and the user interface.

More about TOWeb 7.06 update

Version 6.25 is released

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This update brings a security vulnerability fix on your websites and improvements.

More about TOWeb 6.25 update

Version 7.05 is released

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This update brings fixes related to website publishing, CSS styles and the TOWeb site optimizer as well as an improvement on links.

More about TOWeb 7.05 update

Best wishes for 2018

year 2018

We hope you discovered and enjoyed the latest version 7 of TOWeb, allowing more features and possibilities for your websites, while still remaining perfectly viewable by all your visitors, whether they use smartphones, tablets or computers. Whatever the version of TOWeb you use, the one of yesterday, today or tomorrow, we hope that our software will continue to bring you full satisfaction for your 2018 projects.

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