TOWeb V6 changes

05/25/2018 - TOWeb version 6.27

  • Adding a custom icon inside a link or text description of a calendar topic could cause thereafter the impossibility to edit this topic once saved
  • The PHP support test of TOWeb may fail on some web site secured by HTTPS
  • Saving poll data could be incomplete and causing online malfunction
  • The label and default value of a customizable field set for a product could disregard the language in a multilingual site

01/30/2018 - TOWeb version 6.25

  • Fix of a security vulnerability allowing an attacker to post a text message in a page of your site
  • The datepicker used in web forms now allows by default the selection of 100 years back to make it easier to enter a date of birth
  • When at least one side panel was defined in a catalog product page, related products could have been displayed in the sidebar and no longer to the end of the page

12/05/2017 - TOWeb version 6.24

  • TOWeb could end up in an unstable and unusable state after clicking on the menu edit button from the Sales Conditions page
  • In TOWeb design mode, removing the last information panel did not refresh the side of the page preview
  • Depending on the theme and the choices of the user's colors, the content of calendar events displayed in the foreground was not always readable
  • Depending on the theme used, the TOWeb action buttons embedded in the content of pages (buttons like add paragraph/panel or edit calendar events) were only visible during mouse-over
  • The time counter object may not display correctly when the start and/or end event texts were containing certain characters such as double quotes (”) or some symbols such as < and >
  • The carousel image list located in the CSS smart editor was not always updated after loading and applying another theme

11/13/2017 - TOWeb version 6.23

  • Unsubscribe links were not valid when activating the “Send the mailing using your default mail software” option in the “Notify your contacts” feature 
  • In the TOWeb Studio edition, selecting “None” for the meta generator tag was still adding the TOWeb information to the RSS feed when used on websites
  • The maximum limit of 2000 characters for a text field of a form is now 4000 characters
  • Related products may not show up with the correct margins and were not taking into account the background CSS styles defined for the topic content
  • Troubleshooting of TOWeb V6 start problems under the latest MAC OSX High Sierra

09/11/2017 - TOWeb version 6.22

  • The download button displayed by the latest versions of Google Chrome multimedia player is now hidden by TOWeb when using HTML5 audio/video files on your site
  • A new option called “Use a quick search without displaying sub-results” is now available for the text search engine. This option may be useful especially on large sites if you consider that the search takes too long and/or displays too many results
  • Copy/paste of unsupported characters were not filtered for the name of a script field and could have cause malfunctions
  • The option to hide carousel titles on a smartphone was accessible even when the title display was not activated
  • Disabling the option “Display an upgrade advice to visitors using IE8 or older” was not work completely and many files were unnecessarily published

05/03/2017 - TOWeb version 6.20

  • Due to some PayPal changes, the PayPal payments were no longer working when the option "upload customer information to PayPal" was activated but with no "country" field present in the order form of the shop. This update brings a fix to have it working but if you have deactivated the "country" field from your order form, we strongly recommend you to activate it back in order not only for your customer to be able to enter their country in your form but also avoid any further PayPal payment issues
  • The products of a catalog declared as “under construction” were not published but could nevertheless appeared amoung the results of the local search engine
  • Some sites using Google web fonts in their Theme were not always conform to W3C specifications
  • The alt tags generated for the social network icons are now containing the names of the social networks used

02/09/2017 - TOWeb version 6.19

  • The total of the order amount could have a rounding error on e-Commerce sites using price entered and displayed with "taxes excluded" (B2B site, Canada, USA, ...)
  • The use of New Zealand regions may have blocked the purchase form on certain e-Commerce sites. The region codes for this country have now been changed to 2 characters (AU=Auckland, BO=Bay of Plenty, CA=Canterbury, CI=Chatham Islands Territory, GI=Gisborne, HK=Hawke's Bay, MB=Marlborough, MW=Manawatu-Wanganui, NS=Nelson, NT=Northland, OT=Otago, ST=Southland, TA=Tasman, TK=Taranaki, WK=Waikato, WG=Wellington, WT=West Coast)
  • The option to shutdown the computer after a site successfully published was not always working
  • The Monetico online payment was not correctly when used in production mode. If you were previously using Ingenico on your site you will need to remove it and add it again to your payments
  • Date format was incorrect for some languages/countries just like the calendar sometimes displayed in English instead of the site language
  • Malfunctioning of the shopping cart and the orders of an e-Commerce site when a double-quote character was present in the text of the link to the sales conditions
  • VAT rates updated

12/06/2016 - TOWeb version 6.18

  • The responsive version of the Twitter widget introduced in June 2016 is now supported as an additional object that can be added to the content of a paragraph in a topic
  • It is now possible to indicate a relation for a link placed on the image of a paragraph
  • The paragraphs duplicated using the options “at the beginning of page” or “at the end of the page” were not displayed correctly inside TOWeb
  • On smartphones, the display of the shopping cart could overflow to the right of the screen and be partially truncated
  • The “:” separator placed after the price label in a catalog product was misplaced for right-to-left languages
  • The +/- buttons to adjust quantities in the shopping cart could be hidden
  • When saving a theme some texts could have been displayed in another language than the one of the TOWeb user interface and the cancel button was not working when an invalid name was entered
  • The regions of New Zeland have been added and can now be used on an e-commerce website by activate them from "Options > e-Commerce > Selling countries > New zealand"

11/21/2016 - TOWeb version 6.17

  • The publication has been optimized in order to automatically take account of the ftp mode passive/active and therefore the choice of this option is no longer proposed in the host configuration wizard
  • The PHP support test has been improved in order to report more information on the problem encountered when test fails
  • During the checkout process of an e-Commerce site using the person title field as mandatory, the page was staying in the order form but without displaying any explaination of the error when nothing selected by the customer
  • A button "add paragraph" was mistakenly displayed in pictures of albums

10/11/2016 - TOWeb version 6.16

  • Images using square or portrait format were not always displayed correctly in full-screen albums
  • On smatphones, the pictures of the products are now displayed amoung the catalog search results
  • The local text search engine of a site was not always taking in account all the words of a query
  • Support of the secured online payment PayZen
  • The 'A' icon to edit the first panel title of a catalog product was not always displayed

09/12/2016 - TOWeb version 6.15

  • Images using square or portrait format were not always displayed correctly in full-screen albums
  • Some custom scripts added to the <head> section of topics could have been altered when published online or generated as local preview
  • If the Paybox online paiement was used with a currency with no decimal (like for instance the french pacific franc XPF) the amount was incorrectly mulplified by 100. Important: If you created this payment before with a TOWeb version 6.14 or older and encounter problem then, after installing this update, please delete your payment before to add it again to your site

08/03/2016 - TOWeb version 6.14

  • Support of Google Maps API key in TOWeb step “Options > Google services”. The use of API Key is now mandatory since 22nd June, 2016, for maps to be displayed correctly on new websites or domains
  • Reliability improvement of the publication and the SSL/HTTPS support
  • The directory of the current website project opened is now display in the title bar of the TOWeb instance (only available in the Studio edition)
  • Sitemap file improvement for multilingual sites in order to add some missing hreflang tags to the main language pages
  • Correction in translations of the Swedish country names and Greek translations added

06/22/2016 - TOWeb version 6.13

  • Ability to customize the navigation bar color of web browsers on smartphones (if they support this option) to make the global display more harmonious with the theme of your site
  • Background color fix in 1st level sub-menus that were always appearing in blue upon selection of second-level submenus
  • Secondary languages of a multilingual website had incorrect languages codes in their RSS feed file
  • A default background color is now automatically added to the CSS elements of a theme using gradient colors in order to make all texts readable on web browsers that do not support CSS3 gradients as for instance Opera Mini or some other mobile browsers

05/25/2016 - TOWeb version 6.12

  • It is now possible to create an additional level of submenu in the menu of your site and thus obtain submenus with a maximum level of 2. To do this you simply need to access your menu management window to create your submenu, then move it by drag n' drop into another submenu
  • Update of the Ingenico/Ogone payment with a new field for the password or passphrase used for SHA-1 signing and secure payments. Furthermore, in addition to transmitting the email of your customers to your Ingenico/Ogone backoffice by using the option “Upload customer information”, the other following information will now also be transmitted: address, city, postal code, country and name of your customers. If you were previously using Ingenico/Ogone on your site please see how to update your payment
  • Many other currencies than EUR are now supported for the Paybox payment like for instance CAD, CHF, GBP or USD. If you were previously using Ingenico/Ogone on your site please see how to update your payment
  • The new secured payment Monetico (for CIC and Credit Mutuel banks) is now supported by TOWeb
  • The terms & sales and/or site conditions of a site was not present in the sitemap.xml file generated by TOWeb
  • The first page of an article topic was unnecessarily declared twice in the sitemap.xml file of a site
  • In the options of cookies consent, when a specific topic other than the “Conditions of Sale” was selected, it was not possible thereafter to reselect these “Conditions of Sale”
  • Although correctly displayed by the vast majority of web browsers, some gradient effects used in backgrounds were not generated in accordance with CSS3 specifications

04/26/2016 - TOWeb version 6.11

  • Instagram is now supported among all other social buttons of your site. If your site uses a theme that does not yet support Instagram you will need to "select a set of buttons" from step "Theme > CSS Editor > Social Buttons > Button style" before to activate Instagram on your site
  • Many optimizations of the CSS3 code generated by TOWeb to further reduce file sizes, increase display performances of sites and contribute to a better ranking from internet search engines such as Google or Bing or Yahoo
  • Removal of many unnecessary comments as well as unnecessary whitespace characters generated by TOWeb previous versions
  • Several optimizations in the CSS and HTML code generated by TOWeb related to older versions of Internet Explorer slowing the ideal bearer loading speed of all the other web browsers when the option “Display an upgrade advice to visitors using IE8 or orler” is activated in step “Options > Security & HTML”
  • The duplicate product function (accessible from the “Edit” button displayed when mousing over a product in the index page of a catalog) now provides the choice to duplicate at the begin of a catalog or after the current product position or at the end of a catalog
  • Products exported in XML were containing invalid content and format on URLs if the site was never published

03/16/2016 - TOWeb version 6.10

  • Possibility to remove the meta generator tag (requires a TOWeb Studio edition)
  • Sitemap of the site is now automatically added to the robots.txt file for better site engine optimizations when the option "Automatically add non-public pages and internal scripts of your site to the robots.txt file" is activated in TOWeb step "Options > Error & Rules > Robots.txt"
  • Redirections to the introduction/agreement page of a site could have led to errors on the site if the introduction page was moved to the first position in the TOWeb list of topics
  • Custom error pages were not always working properly with some URLs containing sub-directories
  • The display of the shopping cart content and the checkout steps of a e-Commerce website were not working if a double-quote caracter (”) was used inside a custom field list of the order form
  • The use of the e-Commerce assistant “Received orders & quantity updates” was not showing the “Save” button upon updates of the quantities and these changes were not saved when exiting TOWeb
  • TOWeb does not authorize any longer the use of the “Under Construction” function on a website having only one topic and netheir on the introduction/agreement page of a site. Indeed the main page of your site is obligatory, remove it from your web space returns to make your site unusable or inconsistent line by Internet users. If you wish to continue publishing your site except some new paragraphs under construction in your introduction page or home page, then you are advised to use the option “Not published” located in the “Display” layout of your paragraphs in stand-by
  • Improvement of the site display on smartphones
  • The local search engine was not working if an invisible escape character was present inside a paragraph of the site
  • Some customized lines using <link> tags could have been altered by TOWeb when added to the <head> section of topics
  • Some links in the english version of TOWeb were not correctly opening the online help pages
  • Inside the TOWeb window managing the menu of a site, a wrong icon was used to represent the site introduction page
  • Some tooltips displayed inside the TOWeb interface were incorrect

02/05/2016 - TOWeb version 6.09

  • Titles and comments of pictures are now displayed in the fullscreen dynamic album of TOWeb. To remove them, use the “Hide titles & texts of the images” option of the album
  • The fix for the previous version 6.08 regarding the catalog index pages was incomplete and could bring up web browsers to display “Page 1 of 1” in their tabs instead of the page title
  • The TOWeb's site optimizer was wrongly reporting warnings about missing meta tags when external links were added to the menu of a site
  • The “remove all” button located in step “Notify your contacts” was not working when using the Italian version of TOWeb

01/06/2016 - TOWeb version 6.08

  • YouTube videos embedded in topics were no longer playing in full screen mode on some computers and web browsers. If you still have a full screen issue after installing this update and publishing your site, then please check the YouTube advice related to fullscreen mode
  • For HTML5 Video & HTML5 Audio objects, the option “Auto Preload” (enabled by default) can now be disabled. Disabling the preload can be useful if you have several video/audio files into a topic and do not want your visitors to be blocked for too long when downloading your page
  • Depending on some web hosting, a bad detection and incorrect generation of the .htaccess may have occurred when custom error pages were enabled for a site
  • In the index page(s) of a catalog the text “index” followed by a number was wrongly added info the content of the <title> of the page(s)
  • In the “article” topics, the links' styles and colors used by the “summary” navigation were not following the ones defined by the theme
  • With some payments, the content of the “merchant account” tab inside TOWeb may have appeared unreadable and prevent data entry

12/08/2015 - TOWeb version 6.07

  • In sites using catalogs, some predefined texts such as "Lorem ipsum" present in templates when creating a site could appear in related products as well as in results displayed by the local search engine of the site. If after installing this update you sill have this problem on your site, then please check our tips on how to update the descriptive summaries of your products
  • A new button “Remove all” located in step “Publish > Notify your contacts” allow you to delete all your contacts instead of having to do it one by one
  • Bug fix and improvement regarding the protection of the introduction/agreement page of a site. It is now possible to restrict the access of an entire website by simply adding an introduction page and protect it by password or user accounts
  • The button “Save” was not displayed upon changes in the list of contacts to inform
  • The protection of a topic was no longer alterable if the list of authorized users was left empty
  • The previous bugfix of version 6.06 related to HTML5 audio and video files was incorrect. If you have a HTML5 video or audio object that is not working on your site you may need to select it again in order to add it correctly to your paragraph
  • Bug fixes for the MercadoPago payment used in several countries of South America (this payment method is available when TOWeb is used in the following languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese). If you used this payment and have noticed problems then, after installing this update, please delete this payment before to add it again to your site

11/09/2015 - TOWeb version 6.06

  • In case of specific needs, it is now possible to add lines of code inside the <head> section of a single topic from its section "Search engine optimization" rather than doing it for all the topics of the site from "Options > Security & HTML > <HEAD> Section"
  • The alphabetic sort button of topics not visible in the site menu had disappeared in the previous version 6.05 and is now visible and usable again
  • Attachments in forms such as images were not displayed correctly inside the preview of the received emails
  • Paragraphs with a display mode defined as "hidden" were appearing in the RSS feed of the relevant topics
  • The product picture is now used and displayed when sharing a catalog product on Facebook. OpenGraph tags have been added to the product pages to correct this
  • In forms, the confirmation message of the email input was displayed as empty
  • Paths of HTML5 audio and video files were not saved in the paragraph and appeared as empty fields when returning to the paragraph
  • Fix in the e-commerce back office that was not working properly on secure https websites

09/16/2015 - TOWeb version 6.05

  • Depending on the design of your site or your preference, it is now possible to display the bar of consent cookies to the bottom of your pages and not systematically on top. In addition, the “More” link related to the use of cookies can now be set a topic of your choice rather than systematically pointing to your the conditions of use of your site
  • Fixes and enhancements of the site menu management. It is now possible to keep groups of topics and articles as not shown in the site menu (for instance if you prefer to put links to your groups/articles in some protected topics or put links in your footer rather than cluttering your menu), and a right-click can be used to ungroup the structures of topics (articles, groups and sub-menus).
  • When making a purchase on an e-commerce site, an email about the purchase of files to download could be mistakenly sent to customers once online payment performed whereas their purchase was not concerning any downloadable file. Conversely, the email delivery sent after the purchase of files to download could have been incomplete or not sent at all
  • Validation checks of emails (used both in TOWeb but also in web forms of sites) could refused the email addresses of some new Internet domain names like for instance “.services” or “.software”
  • Web forms containing an email field with the option “use the value of this field as the sender of the email” were not working if the option “Options > Security & HTML> Encrypt the email addresses contained in inside the HTML source code” was also activated
  • Inside a time counter object, the text to display once the is occurred was only working with the option “Stop and hide countdown” but not with the option “count the elapsed time since the event”
  • Products of catalogs marked as to be ignored by the local search could still appear displayed within search results
  • Products of a catalog not using shopping cart were no longer editable into TOWeb when used with related products to other catalog using shopping cart
  • In the catalog gridview, some product names could have been displayed with extra HTML tags
  • Margins used in the banner cookies consent could cause overflows of texts rendered partially readable on smartphones or upon responsive web browser resizing

08/31/2015 - TOWeb version 6.04

  • Email addresses used in your site (in the link button of your theme, inside the source code of your web forms, as well as any links inside your topics or page footer) are now encrypted in order to be unusable by spambots. This new option located in “Options> Security & HTML” is activated by default. After installing this update of TOWeb, a publication of your site will be necessary to strengthen the protection of your email address(es)
  • Support of the IP Anonymization of Google Analytics. Also called IP masking, this feature helps you to strengthen your own privacy policies as well as recommendations from local data protection authorities in some countries which may prevent the storage of full IP address information
  • Two new options for the cookie consent banner : one to allow you to reduce its size and make it more discreet, and a second to add a link to the terms of use of your site in order to be fully compliant with the legislation of some countries
  • Multiple malfunctions in the display of related products as well as their selection inside the TOWeb's window
  • The results of polls were not displayed at all by some web servers
  • Ribbons applied to images could have been completely shifted when reused and displayed into the index pages of catalogs or groups of topics
  • Some social buttons (LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube) located in the theme of the site were not properly stored and/or correctly generated
  • With the Firefox web browser, social buttons placed inside topics could appear over other page elements (such as the bottom navigation bar of an article)
  • The size of a site displayed by TOWeb did not take into account the downloads files (the site's size is calculated and refreshed when pressing F12 or publishing the site)
  • Products with a reference non indicated were always displaying with the same reference value in catalogs not using the shopping cart option

08/03/2015 - TOWeb version 6.03

  • Enabling management of custom error pages in the Options step could alter the .htaccess file
  • Long labels of product could overflow outside the summary displayed when hovering the cart icon
  • Automatic generation of robots.txt could prevent the good referencing of your website images or scripts. It is recommended to republish your site to update to ensure you do not experience this problem
  • The publication of changes only could result in an infinite loop if protected files were configured in TOWeb and detected on the server
  • When the hours/minutes/seconds separator character configured in the regional settings of the system was different from the colon character ”:“, the countdown widget was always interpreted as finished and never displayed
  • The navigation system in the pages of an article was not working properly on multilingual sites, when several pages had the same title or when the title of the pages contained some characters like an ending point
  • The “table of content” of topics having this option enabled was not working properly on multilingual websites
  • Related products (cross-selling & up-selling) was not working when the connected products were belonging to different catalogs
  • When importing products in a catalog (with a CSV file for example), the description is now also used to fill the short summary of the product that is displayed in the index pages. If the text exceeds 190 characters it is truncated with the ellipsis character

07/07/2015 - TOWeb version 6.02

  • Display of the shopping cart (first step of the checkout process) has been optimized for smartphones : modifying the ordered quantities is now easier on touch screens, and the general layout has been improved for screens less than 480px wide
  • The GIF images bug fix of version 6.01 was incomplete (was not treating the case of animated GIFs)
  • Adding a ribbon to an image of a catalog product was causing a bad image display of this product in the catalog “Arrange” screen of TOWeb
  • Editing a script/text field of TOWeb from the screen "Options > Security & HTML > Fields Editor" was not displaying the “Save” button after confirmation of a change
  • Inside a page, when a paragraph was set as non visible or not published, its was appearing among the link of the table of content
  • Display problem with superimposed fields ("visibility" & "link text") when resizing the window of links

06/30/2015 - TOWeb version 6.01

  • Related products are now alphabetically sorted in the two lists and a new search feature is present inside the related product window to quickly find a product
  • Links to download files were not working on some websites. Futhermore, links to files has been improved in version 6
  • Using GIF images on topics may have causing crashes of TOWeb
  • The product data of an e-commerce website were generated in duplicate and incompletely, with the consequences of malfunction in the local search engine of products as well as missing data in some orders. If you have an e-commerce website we recommend that you to publish it again after installing this update, if possible by using the “publish the full website” option
  • When the new “zoom hover image” function was applied to an image of a catalog, it was also wrongly applied to the thumbnail displayed in the catalog index page. Moreover, the effect “zoom (inner)” was not working correctly with multiple images

06/23/2015 - TOWeb version 6.00

Version 6.00 provides new features and major improvements to make TOWeb easier to use but also to provide more web capabilities to your website. For more information see the TOWeb V6 new features.

Former versions of TOWeb

For more information about former versions of TOWeb and how to reinstall them please check this page.

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