TOWeb V5 changes

11/25/2015 - TOWeb version 5.29

  • Attachments in forms such as the images were not displayed correctly inside the preview of the received emails
  • The results of polls were not displayed on some servers/web spaces
  • Editing a script/text field of TOWeb from the screen “Options > Security & HTML > Fields Editor” was not displaying the “Save” button after confirmation of a change
  • The list of topics may have been not correctly displayed after some changes in the website menu
  • TOWeb may have been unstable after rendering a group not visible

06/02/2015 - TOWeb version 5.28

  • OpenSSL updated to version 1.0.1m to enhance reliability and security of publishing made through a secured FTP/TLS connection
  • You can now directly add more than one image at a time in the multi-image object of a paragraph by holding SHIFT or CTRL key while selecting images (instead of having to add them always one by one)
  • Removing all the topics of a website was causing a crash of the application
  • Some texts were always displayed in English in TOWeb despite  the language specified by the user, and some situations could have caused malfunctions in the TOWeb's interface
  • Some styles in the CSS editor were not working in the Portuguese version of TOWeb

04/21/2015 - TOWeb version 5.27

  • When a paragraph use the “multiple images” object, you can now change the order of an image by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on the previous/next image button
  • The “Show related videos” option of the “YouTube video” object was not correctly saved
  • When creating a new shipping mode, the taxes applied to it were not saved
  • The property rel=“publisher” is now automatically added to the Google Plus link of the theme for better SEO
  • The Audio HTML5 object was not present among the choices in the context menu of a paragraph
  • Texts of the color picker window were not fully translated

03/04/2015 - TOWeb version 5.26

  • In the Theme step, you can now hide the Logo/Slogan element on phones to make room at the top of the screen
  • The size of some CSS files has been optimized for faster loading of your pages
  • The ALT attribute of the slider images was empty. Now the title of the slides entered in the Theme step is used as ALT attribute of these images, even if the title and description display option is disabled on the slider
  • 224 new icons to use in paragraph titles & links, and optimized loading of the font used to draw these icons
  • 33 new Google fonts supported (Cambay, Dekko, Dhurjati, Gidugu, Gurajada, Halant, Hind, Kalam, Karma, Khand, Khula, Laila, Lakki Reddy, Mallanna, Mandali, NTR, Peddana, Rajdhani, Ramabhadra, Ramaraja, Ranga, Ravi Prakash, Rozha One, Sarpanch, Slabo 13px, Slabo 27px, Sree Krushnadevaraya, Suranna, Suravaram, Teko, Tenali, Ramakrishna, Timmana, Vesper Libre)
  • The cookie consent bar could appear behind some elements of the theme and be only partially visible
  • The product search engine was not working properly when prices were used in catalogs but the shopping cart was desactivated
  • Links to a specific paragraph of a topic opened as overlay window“ were not directly showing the paragraph defined, but the beginning of the target topic
  • Bug fix in the ecommerce backoffice script that was not always deleting all the order files and could sometimes show a list of empty order files
  • Typos corrected in some predefined texts for english websites

02/02/2015 - TOWeb version 5.25

  • New online payments supported by TOWeb : iDEAL (Sisow), Paybox and Crédit Agricole e-Transactions
  • VAT rates (EEC) and Sales Taxes rates (Canada & USA) updated at January 1, 2015
  • The predefined text “Not rated yet” displayed over star rating on user comments was not modifiable or translatable
  • If a coupon is set on a specific product using percentage method of calculation and a minimum amount required, the reduction is now multiplied by the quantity of items ordered. For example a 10% discount coupon applicable on an item sold 50€ with a minimum quantity of 10 units applied a 50€x10% = 5€ rebate on 10×50€ = 500€ product line (the customer paid 495€). Now the discount is 10×50€x10% = 50 € on the product line (the customer pays 450€)
  • The first text of emails sent thru a website i-service form (the sentence containing the address of the website and the IP address of the sender) is now in English (and no longer in French) when TOWeb is used in English, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish
  • Added District of Columbia (DC) to the US state list
  • The texts displayed when the visitor of your site use an outdated browser (IE8 and older) were not translated into Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Czech

12/15/2014 - TOWeb version 5.24

  • New option “Prompt visitor for cookie consent” in the “Options > Security & HTML” step to display a header information message about cookies to your visitors until they accepts their use. If your visitors are mainly located in the EU, it is recommended to enable this to be in compliance with the European legislation on cookies. For more information please visit our advice about terms of use and cookies
  • New option called “Display only results containing all the search words” has been added to the catalog search engine in “Options > Search field” step to reduce the list of products found
  • New online payment MercadoPago for e-Commerce shops located in different countries of South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela). To use this payment you need to set the TOWeb language interface either in Portuguese (for MercadoPago Brazil) or Spanish (for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela) or English from the “Options > TOWeb” screen
  • Inside the TOWeb HTML scripts window, it is now possible to duplicate an existing script field but also enlarge the size of the input field name (to do this, just move your mouse to the right of “Field name” to see the resize cursor)
  • In TOWeb Standard edition, the links inside topics' table of content were not working on external local preview (F12)
  • New icons added for popular payments in Brazil (Itau, Bradesco, PagSeguro)

10/27/2014 - TOWeb version 5.23

  • In some particular conditions, both buttons ”+ ADD A PARAGRAPH” and ”+ ADD A PANEL” could have made additions not inside the current page but in the previous visited topic
  • The use of the characters < and > in text labels and values of the form fields may have blocked the edition of the topic inside TOWeb and resulted in form dysfunction once published
  • When a HTML5 Audio file was added into a paragraph, its name and original local path was not displayed thereafter by TOWeb
  • The Additional files of a TOWeb HTML script can now be directly added by drag and drop from the Windows Explorer to the list of additional script files
  • Typos corrected in predefined texts proposed by TOWeb for the websites

10/06/2014 - TOWeb version 5.22

  • Strengthening security to make non searchable the directory scripts of the i-services related to the e-Commerce features
  • Improved printing of web pages to hide unnecessary URL links and navigation parts of the theme such as the search box for instance
  • The website address as well as the date and time of last publication are now displayed among the overview information visible when a site is selected in the TOWeb sites management screen
  • Links to a topic paragraph bookmark were not working correctly when placed inside the footer or fatfooter of the website
  • Editing a link to add an icon (or delete an existing one) could result in the loss of the target paragraph used in the link
  • The unsubscribe link was broken in the messages sent with the mail client method from the “Options > Notify your contacts” step
  • The PagSecuro payment was not always working depending on the decimal values of the total order amount
  • The tooltip of the “Icon” button located in the link dialog was displaying an incorrect help text

09/04/2014 - TOWeb version 5.21

  • Saving or publishing could crash while generating a thumbnail image of the site if some script fields or social buttons were used on the home page
  • In multilingual sites, all pages using a secondary languages were not included in the Sitemap file and could prevent proper SEO of these pages for search engines such as Google
  • The “Enter” key now allows your visitors to apply a coupon code entered in step 1 of the checkout without having to click on the green button next to the field
  • YouTube videos can not be customized per language in multilingual websites
  • UTF-8 character encoding issue in the notification emails sent from the "Publish" step with the SMTP method
  • Improved automatic generation of file names for German and Norwegian
  • The field editor was adding a carriage return at the end of every text/script fields which could prevent usage of fields to insert single characters or entities like &shy; for instance (soft hyphen)

07/30/2014 - TOWeb version 5.20

  • ALT text for images are now taken into account by the local search engine
  • The configuration of the Google+ button in the Theme step can now be done by just entering a Google ID, in that case TOWeb will generate the Google page URL. If you have already entered a full Google URL, it will still be used by TOWeb
  • Update of the Ogone online payment script for a better support of UTF8 encoded characters
  • The use of the Facebook like buttons in topics may have result in application crash in the Mac version of TOWeb as well as under Windows XP
  • When a text area was containing only an icon without any text, it was saved as empty with the icon deleted
  • The i-Services backup of the contacts subscribing and/or unsubscribing to a mailing list could have failed with TOWeb displaying an error message
  • TOWeb could stop working when editing and saving the conditions of sales if another site had previously been closed while staying in edition mode of its conditions of sales too

06/26/2014 - TOWeb version 5.19

  • A new “SSL”option is available in step 4/5 of the host configuration wizard to publish your website to a SSL protected domain (secured website with an url starting by https). Only check this option if you have set up an SSL certificate on your hosting (you have to contact your web host to do this)
  • The YouTube videos using secured links (https) were not working inside topics
  • Google Fonts updated (11 new fonts) : Alegreya Sans, Alegreya Sans SC, Ek Mukta, Exo 2, Kantumruy, Kdam Thmor, Fira Mono, Fira Sans, Rubik Mono One, Rubik One, Source Serif Pro
  • The online payment Skrill® has been updated (formerly MoneyBookers®)
  • Catalog items with long titles could prevent the html file creation when generating the website
  • When the label of a form field was starting with a number, the form was not working and the edition of the topic no longer possible thereafter
  • Using the subscription form in a paragraph could cause display problems especially with the positioning of labels of any other forms present located in the same topic
  • Remove of invisible space characters that could have been generated in the <title> tag of your pages and cause bugs when opening the pages in TOWeb or affect their SEO
  • A warning message may have beeen displayed incorrectly in the “Details” tab of certain online payments 

05/14/2014 - TOWeb version 5.18

  • The reliability of the publication has been improved
  • Saving your website modifications is now much faster: the thumbnail generation that was taking severals seconds is now only performed when publishing the website or when changing the theme template
  • Correction of the MIME headers sent to the PHP mail() function in several TOWeb's PHP scripts. This should improve the reliability of the reception and post of emails (forms, mailing list, orders, …) and eliminate some spam filtering issues
  • A button above the list of websites has been added to allow an alphabetical sort (STUDIO license only)
  • When editing the menu, the list of hidden topics can now be sorted alphabetically
  • Under Windows XP, the “Cancel” choice (proposed when closing TOWeb if the website is modified) was not working properly: TOWeb was closing without saving the website
  • The Italian user interface has been reviewed and corrected

04/28/2014 - TOWeb version 5.17

  • Warnings could have been shown by  TOWeb when opening topics using share buttons, indicating that a Facebook plugin file could not be displayed in preview mode or editing mode
  • In catalogs, paragraphs and panels could be added in the the first products instead of the current one
  • The “Copy to other products” function that duplicates product information (price, size, colors, …) was no longer accessible since the previous 5.15 release. This function is now available into the “Price & stock” product panel as well as from the context menu of products catalogs
  • The minimum height of the TOWeb application has been reduced from 780px to 720px to remain usable on computers with low screen resolutions 
  • The local search engine of catalog products was no longer working if any double-quote character (") used inside the Meta <description> of a catalog
  • For some languages using accents on letters “s” and “o” (as in Polish), the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + S and CTRL + O could prevent the use of these extended characters accessible by the ALT GR key
  • Add of a Polish translation file for all predefined texts used by TOWeb
  • The user interface of TOWeb now available in Italian. To change the language you need to go to the step "Options > TOWeb"

03/24/2014 - TOWeb version 5.16

  • Support of 3 new online payments : WorldPay (over 60 currencies supported with interface in 24 languages), Klik & Pay (11 currencies and 6 languages supported) and PagSeguro (payment available in TOWeb Portuguese)
  • Customers of your e-Commerce website can now leave a text/message when ordering and purchasing a product. This new option can be useful if you are selling products that require a custom text per product (such as the name of the person to embroider on a towel, a message to print on a T-Shirt, a text to be engraved on an object, a word to join to a bouquet of flowers, ...) or to give the buyer the opportunity to provide details on a specific product (for instance for a quote purpose)
  • Improved e-commerce backoffice page to better display the online orders of your site : the total amount, the full details of the client including his/her email address, the payment mode and the shipping mode used are now directly displayed into a table. Full display of all these information will only be applicable to new orders issued from your site after once published with version 5.16 (your backoffice is accessible from the link named "orders login page of your host space" located in ""Options > i-Services > Form > Configure")
  • New customer fields can be used in the texts of instructions of your payments and/or in custom payment scripts. These are : first name, last name, address, city, zip code, country code, state code/province and language of the buyer. For more information on all reusable customers fields, see the orders & customers information fields
  • Interface improvements in the topics screen where new buttons are now integrated at the end of page content for adding new paragraphs, side panels, images or products depending on the type of topic
  • Move buttons for paragraphs were added in the "Paragraph Layout" section for a faster access (from version 5.15 they were only accessible from the paragraph context menu "Modify")
  • TOWeb will try to automatically recover after some publishing errors that were not treated (like "Put Exception: 0" for instance)
  • The creation of a link was not working when text links were containing double quotes (")
  • Notification texts as well as a subscription or unsubscribe confirmation texts for i-services Mailing list could have been displayed in the wrong language on a multilingual website
  • When adding a new paragraph or information panel, the texts inside the list of additional object were in English and not translated in the language of the TOWeb user interface

03/04/2014 - TOWeb version 5.15

 If you installed the 5.15 version of TOWeb and that it does not show you the number but the version instead (displayed during the startup or visible on the TOWeb "License" screen) then you need to download again TOWeb and install it a second time to correct missing delivery information in your orders if you use an e-commerce website.

  • In design mode under the Topics' step, a toolbar is now displayed when hovering over some editable or customizable elements (such as paragraphs, site's menu or shopcart button) to easily access their options. The double-click remains operational as before to directly modify any editable element such as titles and texts. These toolbars are all displayed by default at the end of the hovered elements but can be displayed at the beginning of these elements by using the option located in the "Options > TOWeb" screen
  • The drop-down list of topics now starts with a “Add a new topic” entry to facilitate the creation of a new topic in your site
  • New checkbox “Flat buttons” located in the theme under the element "Site > General > Buttons > Default button" to remove the default gradient/3D effects of all buttons of your site. This allows to make flat buttons used a lot in webdesign these days
  • New option located in “Options > e-Commerce > Shopping cart” to quickly remove the shopping cart of your site and deactivate all e-Commerce features
  • The different states of Brazil are now available. Not activated by default you can use them from TOWeb step “Options > e-Commerce > Selling Countries” by selecting 'Brazil” and checking the option called “Use states/departments for Brazil”
  • In the “Options> Advertising” screen, the input area containing the custom advert script was expanded to occupy the maximum screen size for a better readability of your script. Furthermore in the generated web pages, the script is now purged of all newline characters in order to avoid any error due to misplaced returns but also to reduce the size of the generated pages
  • Product information may have been initially displayed with wrong default values when using subproducts categories with different values (like different prices for instance)
  • The zoom and “Street View” functions were not working properly in Google Maps and the markers were not been displayed correctly when using several maps into the same topic

01/28/2014 - TOWeb version 5.14

  • A new element “sub-menu link” is now available in the CSS editor under the “Menu” item and can be customized especially its “hover” effect, for example to change the hover background color (by default always blue) to another color
  • Display problems may have occurred on your website using the latest versions of web browsers Internet Explorer and Opera like for instance topics containing protected form captcha viewed as an “overlay window”
  • Download files links were not working properly when placed in the products' text located in a catalog index page. And icons placed in the same location were not displayed too when site was published
  • In a multilingual website, the SEO information (meta <title>, meta <description> and file name) entered for each topic, were systematically displayed thereafter in TOWeb with the values of the website main language
  • Names of scripts fields could end up being displayed in clear text in the RSS feed of the site
  • New link “TOWeb's Blog” in step “File” to read directly in your web browser the blog of TOWeb. An icon placed next to this link tells you the number of news that we have not read since your last access to the blog
  • New link “YouTube channel” in step “File” for ease of opening and viewing TOWeb tutorials videos on YouTube

01/06/2014 - TOWeb version 5.13

  • Spanish language is now available (bêta) for the TOWeb user interface. Thank you to send us any feedback especially if you see any incorrect texts
  • Under IE11, user comments were not visible
  • After an order  confirmed from an e-commerce site, a confirmation message “Do you want to leave the page?” may have been displayed by some web browsers
  • The list of countries could not open and not be selectable with IE11 from customer form when ordering from certain e-commerce websites
  • In the Theme step, successive font changes were not reflected in the preview (only the first 1 or 2 were)
  • The names of script fields could have been displayed in clear among the results of a local search engine (including product catalogs search engine of the e-Commerce edition)
  • The name of the backup file that can be specified in the publish options was not updated after opening another site
  • Icons used inside links could end up totally eccentric when the text link was centered
  • When using the watermark function from a topic, small images not concerned by watermarks could have been taken in account and disrupt the navigation & display inside the dialog preview
  • Adding icons inside a paragraph may have results in displaying an error message “Download of file is not possible in preview mode” and the impossibility to edit the paragraph thereafter
  • The default tax rates (VAT..) have been updated but it will only affects newly created taxes, consider updating your tax rates if they have changed since January 1st

11/14/2013 - TOWeb version 5.12

  • A new features (  ) allows you to add watermarks over all the pictures of your site to protect them with a copyright text
  • Multiple fixes to make TOWeb compatible with Wine which allows you to use TOWeb on Mac OS X and Linux/Ubuntu without installing Windows. And a new installation file allows you to install and run TOWeb on  Mac OS X as easily as any native application. More...
  • 120 new icons available directly in paragraphs' texts (  ) and links (  )
  • Editing the menu of the website by using CTRL + click on a menu button was causing a crash when performed from the sales conditions page

10/28/2013 - TOWeb version 5.11

  • You can now choose the language of the interface of TOWeb from the “Settings > TOWeb” step. Portuguese language has been added (beta), please give us your feedback if you see any incorrect text
  • The RSS feed now supports multilingual websites and bulleted lists are better displayed in the stream
  • The local search engine for catalogs of products was not always finding all results due to a case sensitive issue
  • In a multilingual website, the catalog export feature was always exporting products URLs of the main language but not those of the selected secondary language
  • Links to other topics or to files as well as script fields were not working when used in the cells of a paragraph table object
  • Character ”-”  can now be used when manually entering the filename of a page (and spaces are also automatically replaced by ”-”)
  • For sites using the Russian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian or Ukrainian as their primary or secondary language, TOWeb now asks Google Web Fonts to load the Cyrillic character set in addition to the latin. Warning: this character set may not be available for all the Google Web Fonts
  • It may be impossible to remove an image from the slider. This fix should prevent the problem in the future and it tries to correct the problem on existing themes. However, if the problem remains on your website after installing this update, please contact the technical support
  • Google Fonts list updated (5 new fonts)

10/01/2013 - TOWeb version 5.10

  • The content of a protected topic could have been displayed inside its login page when using certain website themes
  • The Google meta tag verification function located in the “Options > Google Services” screen was not always generating this meta on some websites
  • On an e-commerce site, the notification message shown when a product is added to the cart, could have displayed an “undefined” quantity
  • An option for experienced webmasters is now available in “Options > Security & HTML > <HEAD> section” to add lines of code or Meta tags in the head section of all your website pages (be careful using this function as any error in there may result to a website not working at all thereafter)
  • A new option "Display errors and warnings if any problem is encountered” located in “Options > E-Commerce > Shopcart > Options” can show or hide any error messages on your e-Commerce website. Uncheck this option only if your host server systematically reports wrong errors or warnings that you do not want your customers to see on your website
  • It is now possible to show or hide catalog products references using the “Display catalog reference” option located in the screen “Options > e-Commerce > Shopcart > Options”
  • The “More…” button link pointing to products detailed pages of a catalog product can now be removed by simply deleting the “More…” predefined text from the “Options > Languages > Translate TOWeb predefined texts” dialog

09/09/2013 - TOWeb version 5.09

  • In the site menu dialog, all topics with type “external site” placed as not visible in the menu were never removed thereafter when validated by OK
  • Buttons allowing the downloads of pictures in albums are no longer displayed if the option “Disable right click menu on your website to avoid leeching of your images” is activated from the screen “Options > Security & HTML”
  • Consulting e-commerce orders from the web space (using the back office page of the form i-service) were wrongly displaying accented characters on some web servers
  • On an e-commerce website, the back links sent to the online payment systems (such as PayPal) were not valid
  • In the link dialog, the list of target topics can now be enlarged by pointing the mouse on the right to bring up the resize mouse pointer
  • Text links placed into the index page introductions of albums or catalogs were not using the right colors & styles defined in the theme
  • Creating a link to “a file to download” was opening the target in same page instead of a tab or a new page of the web browser. If you have already created download links before using this update, then you will need to edit them again and click OK to correct such existing links
  • Some button texts in where displayed in French in the English version of TOWeb
  • Links to catalogs or album index pages could have been wrong
  • Links were no longer working once edited and modified in topic groups
  • The export of catalogs products was always exporting main language texts of the site even when positioned on a secondary language

07/27/2013 - TOWeb version 5.08

  • New paragraph element “HTML5 Audio” to add a mp3 or ogg audio file player inside a paragraph
  • Links to a product in a catalog (or a picture of an album) was always opening the index pages of the catalog (or the album) in preview mode as well as in the published site
  • The thumbnail image of catalog index pages did not have the right theme style applied for some layouts
  • It is now possible to hide all the “More…” buttons located in the catalogs index pages but replace this TOWeb predefined text by a empty text (Settings > Language)
  • The text of a selected item in the TOWeb CSS tree editor was not always readable on Windows XP and/or depending on the Windows theme used
  • Adding a new paragraph with a selected object (such as video, form or GoogleMap) was creating the paragraph with no default object
  • Links displayed in page table of content as well as those in the page results of local search engine were not using the color and styles defined in the theme but always shown in blue

07/18/2013 - TOWeb version 5.07

  • Websites stored in directories with any single quote, double quote or equal sign in their path were blocking TOWeb (“Not Responding” error in title bar)
  • Topic titles with html formatting (colors, underscored chars,...) where creating barely legible filenames when not defined (REMINDER: if you change frequently the title of your pages you should set yourself their filename under “Topics > Search Engine Optimization> Page filename” so that your generated pages always keep the same filename thereafter even if you change their titles)
  • In a Topic screen, the “Meta <title>” and “Meta <description>” labels are now displayed in red when the text entered in these fields do not have the recommended length (10 to 70 characters for <title> and less than 150 characters for <description>)
  • Publishing “changes only” was not working on very large sites containing thousands of pages, the site was always entirely republished
  • The “confirmed” option of an order form field (like the email or a custom field) was not displaying any confirmation field and was blocking the order process when activate
  • Some product pages of catalogs were not published when the user comments option and/or the share buttons were used
  • Depending on web browsers, comments posted in user comments might not used the maximum limit set in Settings > i-Services > comments but be systematically limited to 50 characters
  • Introductory texts for catalogs and albums were no longer editable after adding file icons and icons were no longer displayed. To be able to re-edit your intro you must add the same icon file into another text of the same page like for instance inside the footer or fatfooter and then click the “Reload page” button ( )
  • ALT texts on pictures were not working correctly on albums
  • When creating a product catalog from image files (1 image = 1 product) it is now possible to check an option to create products with no temporary descriptive texts
  • In a form field label, using invalid ((NAME)) (with spaces, accents, …) made the topic impossible to edit
  • RSS file could have been not readable depending on the content of paragraphs/topics added to the feed
  • The unsubscribe links were broken in the messages sent from “Options > Notify your contacts”. Now the messages are sent in HTML format so you can include HTML tags such as <b>words in bold</b> in your messages

07/04/2013 - TOWeb version 5.06

  • Submenus are now opened over the website instead of expanding its height
  • A new option “Hide titles & texts of the images” is now available for photo albums (located in the topic settings of an album and also available when creating a new album). Titles texts remain visible only in TOWeb to be editable in design mode but will not be visible when published or previewed in a web browser when this option is activated
  • It is now possible to add an introduction text on the index page of a photo album
  • Links to download files were not working when placed on images and download files were not published. If you used links to images to download files with a version less or equal to version 5.05 then you need to update your image links and add again your files to download to have them work
  • Icons files placed in table objects were not correctly saved making them impossible to edit table cells thereafter. If you are in this case, in order to be able to re-edit the cells, you must add the same icon files in the text of a paragraph of your topic and then click the “Reload page” button ( )
  • Predefined texts of TOWeb was not saved when modified from "Settings > Languages"
  • The catalog products search engine was not taking into account all the words of the product sheet and the results shown were truncated texts of the product sheet instead of the product summary texts displayed in catalog index pages
  • Mailing list Subscribe form and Poll buttons were inverted on the paragraph object section
  • External browser preview of the website was not working with some imported TOWeb websites (from V1 to V4) using RSS

06/26/2013 - TOWeb version 5.05

  • Text input becomes impossible if the "First letter" item of the paragraph has styles applied in the Theme step. This item style has been removed from themes and from now on all sites currently experiencing this problem will be fixed automatically once opened
  • Some YouTube video links were not recognized and not played when added to a paragraph using copy/paste

06/24/2013 - TOWeb version 5.04

  • The mail address entered in the Theme step for social buttons was not used in the website
  • Submitting a web form was not working but displaying errors or a blank page
  • The Google+ 1 share buttons where not displayed in the online version of the site
  • The up & down buttons to move and change the order of fields in a web form were not working
  • Adding new images in an album does not put anymore predefined texts nor button link inside the picture pages
  • It was not possible to select websites to transfer in the "File > Portable TOWeb" step

06/21/2013 - TOWeb version 5.03

  • Catalog item titles were not editable with some themes and not displayed in catalogs products web pages
  • Submenu's links were not always clickable on iPhone
  • The twitter ID entered in the Theme step was not used in the website
  • HTML5 videos were not playing the listed files
  • Topic titles were no longer editable after adding an icon file on them and displaying an error message. To be able to re-edit your title you must add the same icon file into the text of a paragraph of your topic and click the “Reload page” ( )
  • URLs starting with ftp:// or ftps:// are now allowed when creating or editing a link
  • It is now possible to have a homepage with a ”.php” filename extension

06/20/2013 - TOWeb version 5.02

  • Adding new pictures to the theme carousel was not working
  • Issue when importing some data of former V1/V4 website (mainly large website with numerous catalogs/products)

06/19/2013 - TOWeb version 5.01

  • The upgrade advice for visitors using IE8 or older versions when visiting your website is now displayed once every 30 days and no longer on every page. You can also remove it completely from the "Settings > Security & HTML" step of TOWeb. The alert is no more displayed for IE9 users.
  • On Windows XP, the theme of your website might not be generated when previewing or publishing the website

06/18/2013 - TOWeb version 5.00

Release of the major version 5.0 of TOWeb. 

Former versions of TOWeb

For more information about former versions of TOWeb and how to reinstall them please check this page.

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