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Version 6.18 is released

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This update supports the responsive version of Twitter Widget, allows relation for links placed on images and brings sereval fixes related to the display.

More about TOWeb 6.18 update

New themes for your sites

New responsive web templates

2 new responsive website templates are available and can be used directly from TOWeb (version 6.17 or greater required). These are Flamenco and Musician and you can also be previewed using the buttons below.

Flamenco  Musician

Version 6.17 is released

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This update provides improvement in the web host configuration as well as fixes in the albums and the checkout process of e-Commerce sites.

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URL shortener and QR Code for your site QR Code

The use of QR codes or URL shorteners provides shorter links adapted to social networks and/or smartphones but did you know that the sites offering these services can also help you improve your marketing? Indeed, you can access and know your statistics such as the number of visitors that discover and visit your site using a tablet or smartphone thanks to your QR code and/or know how many people clicked the short links use on your site in order for instance to have a download counter (if you link to a document) or to be able to know how many visitors you regularly provide to a third party if your short link is pointing to a partner's website. There are several QR code generators and URL reduced but you will find below links to the best known.

QR code generator Bitly URL shortener

Version 6.16 is released

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This update provides fixes in protected emails as well as in the local search engine of your site and the PayZen secured online payment is now supported.

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PayPal security update

PayPal security

If you use the PayPal payment system on your site, you have certainly been informed by PayPal to stop using the root certificate VeriSign G2 and perform an update to support certificates using SHA-256 algorithm. No changes have to be made either in TOWeb nor your site since it is only a security upgrade that needs to be performed on your web server. So if you encounter PayPal payment issues on your site and do not know which security certificates are used by your host provider, you should contact them to verify that your web server is in compliance with PayPal's security expectations.

Version 6.15 is released

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This update provides fixes in the photo display of albums in full screen mode, as well as in customized <head> section used in topics, and the Paybox online payment.

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Usage of the Google Maps APIs now requires a key

Google Maps icon

If you were not already using Google Maps on your domain before June 22nd 2016, then you will be forced to get a Google API key to have your maps working correctly without any error on your new site. From TOWeb version 6.14, you just need to enter your API key in screen "Options > Google Services > Google Maps".

Google Maps changes and advice

Version 6.14 is released

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This update provides fixes and improvements in the reliability of the publication, a better support for SSL/HTTPS as well as API key support for Google Maps and, for Studio edition users, allows the site data directory to be displayed in the software title bar.

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Add scripts to your site

JQuery logo

Did you know that the popular JavaScript library called jQuery was included and could be used directly in your site? If you have programming knowledge or scripts you can add them to your site using the TOWeb script fields. Through a small example, learn how to modify the click action on the logo of your site.

Customize the link of your logo using TOWeb script

Mobile browsers' customization on your site

Android Internet browser changes

From version 6.13 of TOWeb, it becomes possible to customize the color of some mobile web browsers when they visit your site in order to make the overall display of their device in accordance with the design and the theme of your site.

Customize users' mobile web browsers

Version 6.13 is released

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This update fixes a language issue in RSS feeds and brings several improvements in the theme and colors used by your sites.  

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Updates of online payments Ingenico, Monetico and Paybox

ePayments: Ingenico, Monetico, Paybox

Online payments Ingenico (Ogone), Monetico (Credit Mutuel and CIC) and Paybox have been updated from version 6.12 of TOWeb. If you use one or more of these payments on your website and encounter problems please follow our update advice.

Update your payments in TOWeb

Version 6.12 is released

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This update provides the ability to create a second level of submenus in the menu of a site but also improvements in several online payments as well various fixes regarding CSS3, terms of use and the sitemap file of sites.  

More about TOWeb 6.12 update

Custom PayPal payment button

PayPal button

You want to add a simple "Buy now" button (without shopping cart nor order) or a "Donate" button using PayPal on your site? A button that can be placed in the footer of your website or in any section of any topic and this perfectly integrated with your TOWeb theme?

Add a custom PayPal payment button to your site

New themes for your sites

New responsive web templates

2 new responsive website templates are available and can be used directly from TOWeb (version 6.11 or greater required). These are WeddingPlan and Makeup and you can also be previewed using the buttons below.

WeddingPlan  Makeup

Version 6.11 is released

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This update offers the possibility to add Instagram among all the other social buttons of your site, enhanced duplicate features for catalog products as well as numerous HTML5 and CSS3 improvements  for faster websites and better SEO.  

More about TOWeb 6.11 update

New themes for your sites

New responsive web templates

2 new responsive website templates are available and can be used directly from TOWeb (version 6.10 or greater required). These are RightTime and Commuter and you can also be previewed using the buttons below.

RightTime  Commuter

Version 6.10 is released

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This update brings the possibility for a TOWeb Studio license to remove the meta generator tag but also provides numerous improvements and fixes in all editions of TOWeb V6 especially regarding some e-Commerce features, the site agreement page, under construction pages, custom error pages and better SEO.

More about TOWeb 6.10 update

New themes for your sites

New responsive web templates

2 new responsive website templates are available and can be used directly from TOWeb (version 6.08 or greater required). These are CoffeeShop and BlueDesk which can also be previewed by using the buttons below.

CoffeeShop  BlueDesk

Version 6.09 is released

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This update of TOWeb V6 provides an improvement on the titles and comments of the albums displayed in fullscreen mode as well as bug fixes in the TOWeb's site optimizer and catalogs index pages.

More about TOWeb 6.09 update

IP Anonymization of Google Analytics

Google Anatytics logo

Also called IP masking, the IP Anonymization of Google Analytics helps you to strengthen your own privacy policies and support recommendations from local data protection authorities in some countries which may prevent the storage of full IP address information.

Add Google Analytics IP masking on your site

Version 6.08 is released

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This update of TOWeb V6 provides an improvement to disable the auto preload of HTML5 video & audio objects as well as several patches regarding custom error pages, SEO of catalog index pages, the fullscreen mode of YouTube videos,  and styles not matching the themes for articles' summary.

More about TOWeb 6.08 update

Best wishes for 2016

year 2016

We hope you discovered and enjoyed the latest version 6 of TOWeb, allowing more features and possibilities for your websites but also a better SEO, while still remaining perfectly viewable by all your visitors, whether they use smartphones, tablets or computers. And whatever the version of TOWeb you use, the one of yesterday, today or tomorrow, we hope that our software will continue to bring you full satisfaction for your 2016 projects.

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