What's new in TOWeb version 7

Your website compliant with the European GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation of the European Union which constitutes the reference text for the protection of personal data. Applicable in all 28 Member States of the European Union from May 25, 2018, the version 7 of TOWeb V7 provides new features to help you in bringing your website compliant with it like for instance the possibility of defining a Privacy Policy distinct from your Terms of Use or Conditions of Sales, and new configuration options for your forms to request visitors' consent.

New possibilities to personalize the design of your site

- 20 new Templates (and others to come) that can be directly used and personalized as you wish or serve as a base to discover the new possibilities of TOWeb V7 and create your own theme by yourself
- Responsive typography with the possibility in the CSS editor to define a specific font size for smartphones for elements such as the logo/name of your site or the titles and subtitles used in your paragraphs
- Ability to put Background colors and images with Parallax effect as well as opacity and blur effects in paragraphs by using the new "Background / Parallax" style. Example of a site using the parallax effect
- Possibility to add links pointing directly to paragraphs of a topic and thus to make single-page sites using the menu of theme. Example of a single-page site
- Ability to create topics without theme or navigation but with a Local menu to allow also the creation of single-page sites or pages in your site with different designs and styles than the one of your theme. Example of a site using a topic Local menu
- Ability to fold and unfold the content of paragraphs by simply clicking on their title
- Several
display effects (slide, zoom, flip, …) to display paragraphs with a short animation during their first appearance
- New functionalities for smartphones centralized in a new Options > Smartphones screen : disabling phone number links, ability to force smartphone users to navigate in landscape mode rather than portrait mode, disabling parallax effects for smartphones)
- Ability to align paragraphs in a juxtaposed way without any separator space between them
- Possibility of placing sidebar panels to the left or to the right of the page content
- Ability to apply a different font than the overall one of the site to several elements of the theme such as page titles, logo & site name or text/button in your site menu

New widgets to enrich the content of your pages

- New Timeline (  ) object for displaying events linearly and chronologically in a chart. Examples
- New object to display Percentages (  ). Example of a site using the Percentage object
- New object to highlight your Key Figures (  ). Example of a site using the Key Figures object
- New Note (  ) object to add annotations in your pages. Example of a site using the Note object
- New Card (  ) objet to display one or more photos aligned with their associated title & text. Example of a site using the Card object
- New responsive and mobile-friendly Table with a wizard for editing cells, moving rows and columns, deleting them and adding new ones more easily
- New Plan & Price (  ) object allowing to summarize the different prices of your services with formatting and related links. Example of a site using the Plan & Price object
- New Rating (  ) object to manage user reviews with rating stars. Examples
- New Vimeo (  ) object to easily integrate Vimeo videos in your pages
- New Time counter style more simplified (no circle or animation). Example of a site using the Time Counter counter
- New SMS link so that users can directly contact you by simple click from their smarphones
- Support of Leaflet OpenStreetMap (  ) as alternative to Google Maps
- Improved Web Forms with a better alignment display of fields, centering of the form and 3 new types of fields : Interval, Color and Date range
- Support of the latest 2018 version of the Twitter Widget (  )
- 11 new sets of icon for Social Networks

SEO improved for your websites

- Lazy loading to accelerate the loading times of images and get a faster display of your pages especially on mobile devices
- TOWeb site optimization tools enriched with a new dead links detection assistant (dead links are harmful to SEO)
- Ability to set Bookmarks to paragraphs of your pages for better SEO and get more readable URLs for your site
- HTTPS security tips with a TOWeb reminder before the expiration date of your SSL certificate and enhanced security by SRI of resources used by your site to prevent hackers from including malicious content
- Multilingual ALT tag for better SEO of your images according to the different languages used on your site
Better SEO of products with the ability to specify meta tags <title> and <description> as well as a custom file name to each product page of your catalogs
- Websites source code optimized including a CSS code reduction and the grouping of CSS files that reduce the loading time of pages and improve SEO
- Googlebot feature support

A more efficient FTP site publication

A new FTP module allows faster publications especially through its analysis of changes and now supports SFTP in addition to FTP and FTPS to make the publication of your sites possible on all types of servers from any host. Furthermore, the publishing can now be stopped if your site is not sufficiently optimized.

A new user interface more assisted

- New user interface more assisted with the main steps of TOWeb now located in a sidebar on the left and sections that can be fold/unfold thus leaving a larger work window, especially in height, in order to be usable on Windows tablets and computers with low resolution screens
- New paragraph creation wizard : more visual and assisted, it will allow you to quickly start your pages according to your needs. In addition to all the new TOWeb V7 objects that can be used, the wizard also allows you to add a site map paragraph containing the current full structure of your site's menu and all other pages
- Improvement of the CSS Smart Editor of the themes in particular to easily chnage the logo and titles of your site
- Improved Site creation wizard containing new options and the choice to quikly start with a basic template and blank theme
- Ability to delete all the content of a page to start it again without necessarily having to delete the topic itself and lose all its properties (name of page, SEO, protection, etc)
- Ability to export & import paragraphs from one TOWeb site to another (requires Studio Edition) thru TWP archive files
- Ability to duplicate a topic directly from the button located at the left of the top toolbar in "Topics" step (and no longer through the topic creation wizard to perform this operation)

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