What's New in TOWeb 12

4k HiDPI

4K+/HiDPI screens support for unrivaled work comfort

The TOWeb 12 user interface is suitable for very high resolution 4K+ screens and Windows HiDPI mode which considerably improves your daily visual comfort with ultra-sharp texts and icons, including when previewing and editing your website in the topics and theme steps. You will no longer be able to go back after trying it... Click on this link for a comparison between V11 and V12 on the same HIDPI screen. Whatever the scaling configured in Windows, even very important, the TOWeb 12 interface will remain perfectly sharp and comfortable on your screen.


Add a top banner to your site to boost your visitors' commitment!

TOWeb 12 allows you to easily display a well visible message at the top of all your website pages: promotion on your products, free shipping, coupon, novelty on your blog, upcoming events ... You can see a demonstration of this on our site for the announcement of TOWeb 12. This banner is customizable and can remain constantly displayed or be closed by the visitor during their visit. This new feature, which can boost your visitors' engagement and reduce the bouncing rate of your site, is accessible from the "Options > Advertising> Top banner" screen.


Undo all your modifications with one click

In TOWeb 12, as soon as you make changes on your site, a new "Undo" button will appear in the main menu bar of TOWeb (next to the "Save" button) to allow you cancel all your latest modifications since the last time your site was saved. This function is useful for example when you have made a modification or deletion by mistake or when you want to be able to carry out tests and cancel them at any time without having to leave the software or save any unwanted changes.

effets sur entête de page web

Animate and energize the menu of your site

The header of your site (which includes your menu, logo, ...) can now benefit from an animation effect applied when the visitor scrolls in your pages. It is possible to reduce its size, or make it disappear and appear according to the direction of the scrolling. You can see an example of this effect on our site: look at how the menu behaves when you scroll down or up. This new feature and its options (such as the choice of a background color with or without transparency) are located in the "Header" section of the "Theme" step.

Champs dates des formulaires TOWeb

Improvement of the dates fields in your forms

The "date" and "date range" fields of the forms are better integrated by reusing the theme of your site and easier to use by your visitors to select a date or choose a period, especially on mobile devices. Other options have also been added to allow you to:
  • define min and max dates beyond which the selection will not be possible. These dates can be fixed or relative in number of days or years compared to the date of the day. For example, to force the entry of an adult birth date under the age of 80, you just have to indicate min and max values of -18 years and -80 years
  • show the week's number in the calendars
  • restrict the duration of a date range to a maximum number of days of your choice.

Personnalisations des cookies RGPD

Improvement and compliance with consent of cookies

In order to bring your site in accordance with the latest GDPR legislation, visitors can now modify the cookies they have previously accepted or refused on your site, and this at any time including when they come back to visit it. If you have activated the consent of cookies on your site, this new button will automatically appear on the left side of all your web pages. Colors, activation as well as the location of this button are customizable at the level "Options > Cookies & Privacy".

PayPal Checkout

Migrate to PayPal Checkout V2 before PayPal Standard becomes obsolete, and accept payments in installments

It is very highly recommended by PayPal to use their new V2 checkout version as soon as possible on all e-commerce sites instead of the old PayPal Standard version now depreciated and will no longer be supported in the long term. PayPal may have already sent you an email on this subject by recommending that you do this migration as soon as possible. PayPal Checkout V2 offers more security, offers purchase by a paypal account but also directly by bank cards and allows customers to make their payments in several times. We strongly recommend that you update to PayPal Checkout V2 and if you do not already offer this internationally recognized method of payment, to add it in addition to others to your site to maximize your shopping cart conversions in purchases. If you use PayPal standard on your site created with a version 11 of TOWeb or older, you will have to delete this payment and add it again by following our instructions to use PayPal Checkout V2 on your site.


3D-Secure V2 strong authentication support

TOWeb 12 now manages the latest version 2 of 3D-Secure for the following payment systems: Paybox, Up2Pay e-Transaction, Monetico, CM, CIC and CA banks. This latest more secure version limits the risks of fraud and therefore cancellation and reimbursement of orders for you. This level of security is increasingly requested by banks and will become compulsory by imposing strong authentication on buyers during transactions carried out online (double identity confirmation by SMS, mobile app, etc). If you used one of these payment methods on your site created with a previous version of TOWeb you will have to delete it and then add it again.

search of products

Maximize your sales with the new product search engine

The product search engine of your site has been improved to display the results with the same presentation than the one used in the index pages of your catalogs and offer to your customers the possibility to directly add them to their shopping cart to boost the purchases of your online store. This new feature can be activated and configured in "Options > Search engine".

custom images

Personalized images when checking-out

In addition to the vector images offered by default for all the payments and delivery methods of your e-commerce site, you can now use your own images or icons, which allows you to bring a personal touch to these two checkout steps, or to use an image specific to a payment or a delivery method that TOWeb does not offer by default.

data backups

Make backups of all your sites at once

The regular backups of your sites are very important to deal with data loss problems (crash disk, viruses, deletions or changes of content by mistake, etc). If you have the TOWeb Studio license and many websites, you may not think of saving them individually everytimes on an external support or in the cloud. TOWeb’s Studio version now allows you to select and backup all your websites' data with just one click.

password reminder

Recovery of backups protected by forgotten passwords

Comments are now saved in your password protected backups allowing you to place a sentence, a question or a hint to remember the password in case you ever forget it. As it is impossible to open a backup without its password, it will be definitely unusable. It is therefore strongly recommended to place a comment now in all your backups to help you remember your password!


Improvement of additions in paragraph objects

You can now add a new element where desired in a paragraph object. In a form for example, by just selecting one of your fields, the addition will now be done just after it and no longer systematically at the end of your form. This new operation also applies to all the other objects of a paragraph with lists, that is to say: Cards, Lists of Links, Key figures, Percentages, Timelines, Plans & Prices.


Improved accessibility and SEO

The CSS and HTML code of the pages of your sites generated with TOWeb V12 has been optimized on many points to comply with the 2023 standards and allow you to obtain better Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), a better score of Google accessibility and improve the user experience of your visitors.

user interface

User interface improvements

All screens of the TOWb 12 user interface were revised not only to support Windows HiDPI mode but also bring more readability, an optimized and more reactive editor for your paragraph texts, as well as a new option "More details " located in the "Options > e-Commerce" screen which can be deactivated if you no longer want to see the details of each e-commerce feature and have a more accessible/more compact display on small screens.


Improvement of the dead links and errors detections

Detection of dead links in the site optimizer is now more efficient as well as the PHP support test to better detect limitations or configuration problems that can occur on web servers. In addition, for experienced developers who use PHP scripts in their site, it becomes possible to use PHP sessions by simply activating the option in the "Options> Security & HTML > HTML advanced options" step.

Client FTP

Update of the FTP engine for more security, reliability and speed

  • TLS/SSL kernel upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1w
  • Support for calculating the file control sum for SCP and SFTP protocols
  • Use of SFTP data copy extension to duplicate remote files with servers that do not support the file copy extension (OpenSSH)
  • Automatic reconnection with the FTP 426 code, if it worked before
  • Support for the FTP CSID command

Google Fonts

Support of 129 new Google Fonts

ADLaM Display, AR One Sans, Agbalumo, Agdasima, Akatab, Alkatra, Anuphan, Aoboshi One, Bacasime Antique, Bagel Fat One, Belanosima, Borel, Braah One, Bricolage Grotesque, Bruno Ace, Bruno Ace SC, Caprasimo, Carlito, Castoro Titling, Cherry Bomb One, Chivo Mono, Chokokutai, Climate Crisis, Comme, Dai Banna SIL, Darumadrop One, Delicious Handrawn, Diphylleia, Foldit, Gabarito, Gajraj One, Gasoek One, Geologica, Gloock, Golos Text, Grandiflora One, Handjet, Hanken Grotesk, Inclusive Sans, Instrument Sans, Instrument Serif, Kablammo, ...

But also ....

Many more new features if you have an old version of TOWeb!
If you have an earlier version, when upgrading to version 12 you will not only benefit from all the new features indicated on this page but also all new features added in previous major versions:

Furthermore TOWeb 12 is regularly improved so we invite you to check the list of the latest 12.xx improvements and updates of TOWeb V12 as well as the information of the TOWeb's blog and subscribe to the TOWeb newsletter to be informed of new updates and promotional offers.

Prices and procedures to upgrade to TOWeb V12

Former TOWeb users have been emailed for the upgrade prices and procedures. If you don't have received this email yet, please contact us by indicating your invoice number. If you are migrating from a version 4 or older, please see our migration guide from TOWeb 1/2/3/4.

Whether or not you have a license for a previous version of TOWeb, you can download and install the Free edition of TOWeb V12 to evaluate it and thus determine if this new version better match your needs and  projects. A site started with the free edition of TOWeb V12 can be maintained later with a paid edition. And if you have a previous version of TOWeb, the 2 versions will work separately and you can imported your site later into TOWeb V12.

Download TOWeb →

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