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Auteur Fil de discussion: The site for my profession. Technical aspects and more  (Lu 1019 fois)

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« le: 02 Mars 2019 à 00h20 »

I am an Italian user and a lawyer. I created my site and I recently put it online using toweb.

I would also like your opinion on technical profiles:

1) I used the addtoany service on some pages for social sharing (for example here: Do you think it's the best service?

2) Do you ever used vertical scrolling news iframe? (I have created one here: Was there another way to make one?

3) My site Is hosted with Aruba, and my hosting Is with Windows server, so i had to create a web.config in the root for:

- rule rewrite for https redirect (It seems to be ok)

- a canonical rewrite rule for index.html to point to my domain (i also added a tag rel canonical for SEO for consolidate duplicate URLs).
Is it a good solution?
Do you advise me to also remove the index.html page from the sitemap.xml file?
Or is there any attribute that I can insert into the sitemap.xml for not considering it?
Do you recommend me inserting some parameter like not allow index.html on the robot file?

- a specific "error 404" redirect rule to a personal "Page not found" (but some sites for the seo evaluation do not recognize the personalized page 404, because those seo valutazione sites sees a return code 200 from error 404 and not an usually Page not found)
Any advice?

4) I still have many pages to make, but I've already uploaded all the sections Articles and Topics that will be part of the final site (take a look here: ). I did the right thing ?

5) i used a "catalog of products" to make a news section on my site ( Is it a good solution?

Please take a look at everything and let me know.

I hope I have done a good job.

I really await for your advice and any suggestions.

Thank you

I read the forum with Google translate so there are no problems if you prefer to respond in French.
Again thanks to all the comunity
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« Répondre #1 le: 02 Mars 2019 à 18h50 »

Bravo, très bon travail. Clin d'oeil
Je trouve ton site agréable à parcourir, clair, sobre....

v2 à v8.

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« Répondre #2 le: 02 Mars 2019 à 20h50 »

Thanks you Ghost  Souriant Souriant
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